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Jumper 2: Will Jumper by Doug Liman Come for Sequel?

Have you ever thought that if teleportation is possible to anyone then it is easy to go anywhere in just a second and no one wants to wait so long. If it happens in real life then it is so amazing and good to see it reach everywhere in just a second and it looks amazing when we watch these things in movies and series.

It is funny and good if you have superpowers and do funny acts or sometimes can watch movies without entry tickets, see your crush anytime when you want and also take revenge and then teleport anytime and all these look funny but not happen in real life.

The same things are in the movie Jumper which is Doug Liman’s film and is planned to come for the sequel but never made till this time.

In this article you will know why the sequel did not happened.

Jumper Film About

Jumper 2

This is a 2008 film and critics didn’t give it positive reviews and instead of this its sequel is also planned from the starting but still the movie never made.

The movie revolves around David Rice ( Hayden Christensen) a leading male actor who has the superpower to go anywhere by teleporting himself and even saving his girlfriend from secret society who are chasing them to finish jumpers.

The film is based on the novel of the same name and now all wants to know whether the 2008 film sequel is coming or not and if not then what is the reason behind this?

Doug Liman is an accomplished filmmaker and he made many films but this different film of person teleport here and there was not well received as they think.

And many of the people who watched this movie know that it is far different from the original novel from which it is taken and adapted in the form of a movie and only focused on teleportation.

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In the starting production decided to make another film after this but this film lacks so much due to which a potential sequel is never made and time goes on and the film never happened.

Jumper 2

As the film received negative reviews from the critics but still the movie has enough to make another film to this that is Jumper 2 as the received good at the box office.

There may be another reason for not hitting the box office so much as at that time Reflex already came out when Jumper was in production.

After many years you can call sequel to Jumper came up in 2016 but actually it is the spin-off and not the sequel to the Jumper film and is also based on the novel of the same name and in this spin-off titled “ Impulse” the directed added those things which he wanted to add in the film but didn’t able to do it at the time of first film and this spin-off impulse is more added things in a film and not the direct sequel to the Jumper and this spin-off Impulse is also renewed for next season and gains popularity on youtube.

Still at this moment Jumper 2 is cancelled and remains cancelled until it was not picked up by the director to make another film.

I know its spinoff came in which further story is told but Jumper 2 remains still and no further official announcement came on the internet about this movie whether it will come in near future.

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Where to Watch the Jumper (2008) Film?

Jumper 2

You can stream this movie on Amazon Prime video, youtube, Google Play Movies & Tv which received 6.1 ratings out of 10 on IMDB and minimum 15% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes which is not good for any series or film to move further to make another part.

How Long Does the Jumper Movie Run?

This action and science-fiction movie ran for 1 hr 28 mins on the streaming platforms and this movie got PG-13 as an age rating for its strong language, action and violence.

The movie is not good for kids to watch as there is strong violence in this movie along with strong language.

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As I said above, the movie is not appropriate to watch by the kids but with the help of a parent’s guide they can watch it as it shows teleporting and it is the interesting thing which one should find in their life or in the movie.

So it’s upon you whether you want to watch the movie or not and keep in touch with to read other articles which are of movies, webseries, dramas and a lot of other interesting and amazing things.

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