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Julie Bowen Divorce? All the Things You Need To Know Today!

Actress Julie Bowen is best known for her part as Claire Dunphy on Modern Family, but lately she’s come the subject of captions for a new reason her relationship status.

On Jan. 14, 2022, she went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and spoke to guest host( and former Modern Familyco-star) Adam DeVine about her love life.

 Is Julie Bowen disassociated? Then is what we know about the actress’ current relationship status.

Is Julie Bowen Disassociated? She Lately Bandied Getting Back Into Courting.

 In an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Jan. 14, 2022, with guest host Adam DeVine, Julie Bowen bandied the current state of her courting life.

The actress was married to real estate agent Scott Phillips, but they sorely disassociated in 2018. The brace were married for thirteen times, and Julie filed for divorce just days before the couple made a formal advertisement that they had separated.

 When asked about her current relationship status, Julie bared to Adam that she’s presently” veritably single” and has since” stopped dating.” She also joked she was in” dating withdrawal” and mentioned her cherished doggy , Gertrude Stein, was her” withdrawal gift.”

julie bowen divorce

 She developed on her decision to get a canine in the occasion, saying,” I did go on some dates, and this joe was like’ You have to come to my house because I’ve a canine.’ And I was like,’ I am getting a canine, that is the trick.’ Now it’s on my terms.”

 Per People Magazine, there was one person Julie said she’d consider leaving courting withdrawal for musician Harry Styles. Adam joked,” Word on the road is that you have a little bit of a crush, girl,” after noting Julie attended Harry’s Fine Line stint in November 2021.

” You are asking me if I’d come out of( courting) withdrawal for Harry Styles?” Julie responded.” Oh, hell yeah. Him? Look at him!”

 Julie further elaborates on what attracts her to Styles.” He is got that same energy that( Stephen” Twitch” Boss) does where they are so gorgeous and sexy, but there is so important joy that you do not feel dirty about what is passing in your pants.”

 She added,” He is just bringing the joy and the light and the Watermelon Sugar. You just feel good about the whole experience.”

Julie Bowen Shares Three Children With ex-Husband Scott Phillips.

Although Julie and Scott are separated, they do partake three children Oliver, 14, and 12- time-old halves John and Gustav. preliminarily, Julie credited her children in keeping her marriage successful, joking,” Actually, I only flash back up until we had the kiddies. also you ’re like ‘ What? ’ Twelve times. We ’ve had children for nine. So I flash back the first three times, the rest of it’s like a knockout.”

 She also gushed about her also- hubby, saying they skipped the Emmys one time to celebrate their anniversary.” He’s come every time, he’s been so probative and this time he was playing in a tennis event and I was n’t nominated as an individual so I said, ‘ What do you want to do on our anniversary? ’ I mean it’s such an honor to be nominated and to go, but it’s tough to be a bag holder.”

julie bowen divorce

Well, if Harry and Olivia break up, hopefully he will give Julie a call!

Julie Bowen’s ‘ Ultramodern Family ‘ Costars and Her Sons Are Abstracting Her From Her Divorce

 After nine seasons working together, the Modern Family cast might as well be blood- related. “ We ’ve seen marriages, we ’ve seen bifurcations, ” Jesse Tyler Ferguson told Us Weekly at the sitcom’s For Your Consideration event in L.A. on Monday, April 16.

“ We’re really a family within ourselves so obviously we ’re going to be there for each other when we’ve these hard times. It’s just a part of life and I ’m glad we’ve one another because we ’re such a tight group. ”

 Right now the ABC stars feel to be fastening their attention on Julie Bowen, who filed for divorce from her hubby of 13 times, Scott Phillips, in February. The former couple share kiddies Oliver, 11, and 8- time-old halves John and Gustav. And Bowen says her sons are a welcome distraction.

 “ The beauty of having three children is they do n’t give you important time for thinking, ” the Emmy winner, 48, explained to Us on Monday. “ They ’re like a crash course in being in the now. ”

 Bowen’s main concern right now is making sure they do n’t get a dupe of her 1996 comedy Happy Gilmore( She played Adam Sandler’s love interest!) “ The other day one of them was like, ‘ Can we watch Happy Gilmore? ’” she recalled. She incontinently told him “ no ” — and her reason is ridiculous.

 “ It’s my hair that I ’m most hysterical of them seeing, not me in lingerie making out with nonnatives, ” she laughed. “ It’s the hair. I do n’t want them to be traumatized by my hair. ”( Bowen formerly described the style as suggesting Princess Diana’s.)

 Though Oliver, John and Gustav are keeping their mama busy — Ferguson says he and the rest of the Modern Family cast are blowing up Bowen’s phone. But that’s nothing unusual. “ We’ve a lot of group textbooks that go on and on and also they turn into funny vids and funny prints of our family, ” he told Us Monday. “ It’s a way of just connecting with one another. There’s no bone

 in this cast that I would n’t feel 100 percent comfortable reaching out to and asking for help or comfort. ”

 Julie Bowen and Scott Phillips‘ divorce was perfected on Thursday,Sept. 13 in Los Angeles.

julie bowen divorce

Julie Bowen Has Perfected Her Divorce.

 In court documents attained by PEOPLE on Monday, the Modern Family star, 48, andex-husband Scott Phillips reached an agreement to resolve their means of $25.3 million directly down the middle.

The divorce was perfected on Thursday,Sept. 13 in Los Angeles.

 The couple, who married in September 2004 and separated after 13 times of marriage, shares three sons Oliver, 11, and 9- time-old halves Gustave and John.

A rep for Bowen didn’t incontinently respond to PEOPLE‘s request for comment.

 In the divorce agreement, Bowen, who first filed for divorce in February, will admit further than$ 13 million while the real estate investor will admit$12.3 million.

The actress will also keep the L.A. house, worth$3.1 million, that she bought after the split. Phillips will keep their$5.4 million connubial home.

 Details of guardianship, child support and conjugal support were filed in a private agreement agreement.

julie bowen divorce


 In March, Phillips filed court documents asking for conjugal support from Bowen, who earns roughly$ 1,000 per occasion for the current season of the ABC comedy and will be paid the same quantum for the forthcoming tenth and final season.

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