Julia Haart Net Worth: What is The Fortune of ‘My Unorthodox Life’ Star!


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The book My Unorthodox Life chronicles Julia Haart’s journey away from the Monsey, New York, Orthodox Jewish community. After the first season premiered on Netflix, people were eager to learn more about Julia’s new, supposedly luxurious existence. Starting her own shoe brand was the first step to becoming a fashion billionaire.

According to Julia, “it didn’t seem to me that starting a shoe company is unusual when you’ve never manufactured a shoe.” To know what you’re capable of, stand up and give it a whirl yourself. Because of her can-do mentality, she was able to obtain a job at La Perla as creative director before moving on to lead Elite World Group, a huge talent agency and media conglomerate.

That’s why I didn’t even consider the possibility that I would fail,” she remarked. I had to succeed or die. Fans are naturally curious in Julia’s net worth, given the lavish lifestyle she portrays in My Unorthodox Life, which includes helicopter excursions to the Hamptons. (Hint: It’s in the tens of billions of dollars range.)

Julia Is the Ceo of a Thriving People Management Firm

Julia Haart Net Worth

Co-ownership of Elite World Group... that’s me! When I took over the firm in 2018, our valuation was $90 million, but we have now grown to be worth over $1 billion in only just two years under my leadership “Women’s Health hears it from Julia.

Because she is a co-owner of EWG, this indicates that the company contributes around $500,000 to her overall net worth. More than 5,000 actors, painters, models, and other professionals from across the world are represented by the “talent media” firm. (Just so you know, among those models are Kendall Jenner, Iman, and Irina Shayk.)

In addition to this, Julia reveals that her business assists its renowned customers in maximising their potential with social media in order to have a successful and secure career beyond the runway. She told WH, “If you have a passion and a narrative to tell and people are listening to you and admiring you, I will monetize that.”

“If you have a story to tell and a desire to tell it, I will monetize that.” “And by doing so, we can really assist develop this army of financially independent women who have longevity in their jobs,” the statement continues.

Silvio Scaglia, an Italian entrepreneur and Julia’s spouse, is also employed at Elite World Group, where Julia is employed. According to Trend Net Worth, her position as CEO brings in close to $2 million annually, or $400,000 each and every month.


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A Number of Years Ago, She Also Parted Ways With the Shoe Business That Bore Her Name, Julia Haart

When Julia first began her professional life, she founded her own shoe company and built it from the ground up. According to a quote that she gave to Individuals, “I had investors who supported me, but it was a string of miracles and meeting people.” “I met this individual on an airline, much like I did the person who manufactured my shoes. I was responsible for everything, including finding the manufacturers in Italy, managing public relations, and making sales.”


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Julia sold the company for a sizable sum after it became popular. As a result, she became the creative director of La Perla, an Italian lingerie company.

Pretty sure she made a decent salary for designing so many garments: “For example, this last season I had 250 ready-to-wear pieces, but then I had probably 3,000 or 4,000 lingerie pieces, and probably a couple hundred beachwear pieces. Do the sums then? “Julia revealed this to The Cut in 2018. (Try as I might, my head hurts.)

The Scope of Julia’s Work Is Only Going to Expand in the Coming Months

When it comes to launching new clothing lines in the near future, Julia has big ideas. In the weeks leading up to the epidemic, “e1972 was launched,” she adds. “So, clearly, we’ve put it on hold, and we’ll relaunch it next year,” he said.

Fans of My Unorthodox Life get a peek at some of her new product lines in the show, notably her colorful shapewear, but that’s just the beginning of her latest foray into fashion. “In terms of the shapewear, that’s going to be coming to stores and online in the next few weeks, and it’s something I’m really excited about,” Julia says. Kim Kardashian’s Skims may be worth half a billion dollars if her shapewear line is anything like them, according to Forbes.

There will be swimming outfits in the following season, she said. In addition to clothing, I’m releasing footwear, but I don’t want to give anything away.


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e1972’s new line of sizeless apparel will be Julia’s most important endeavour, though (yep, you read that right). “End of story: Women are attractive. When it comes to clothing, it’s not a matter of “this size or that size.” “she informs WH “Sit on your bed, move your phone from the top of its screen down to the waist, and send those measurements to us. We’ll construct you a custom-fitted outfit that will be sent to your door. This is a couture item that you ordered right from your bedroom.”

Julia seemed to have the potential to reach new heights (and her fortune).

Julia Haart Net Worth

Julia Haart Net Worth

How much does Julia actually have, between her profession, her book, and her apartment in New York, which reportedly comes replete with a bespoke closet designed in the style of Clueless (as reported by Entertainment Tonight)? A cool $600 million, according to a person close to Julia who spoke with Women’s Health about the matter.

It would appear that, on the basis of all of her accomplishment to this far, her money account is going to continue to rocket to ever-greater heights.

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