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Rebecca Soteros, also known as Becky Jo and Rebecca McBrain, was brought into the world in March 1974. She is the offspring of Mark and Julie Ann Soteros.

She was raised with her sibling Joshua and was the ex and mother of the late Paul Walker‘s lone kid. Rebecca dated the actor momentarily before he rose to fame as the star of the Fast and Furious film series. Instead of just being the ex of a notable actor, Rebecca is an assortment of amazing facts that you may read about underneath.

1.Rebecca’s Young life

She accepted her certificate from California’s Village Christian School in 1992. She chose to pursue a career in education and obtained a bachelor’s in secondary schooling.

2.Rebecca’s Unsuccessful Love Life

The California native started dating Paul Walker in 1998, and they invited their daughter the next year 1998. They soon separated, however, and Rebecca moved to Hawaii with her small child.

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3. She Got Addicted to Alcohol

Her daughter Meadow Walker moved to California to live with her father. This choice was made because Rebecca, her mother, fostered an alcohol addiction.

4. At the Death of Her Ex

Rebecca took an excursion back to California after Paul Walker’s inopportune passing to show up for Meadow Walker, who she subsequently saw crying at the actor’s memorial service at Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

5. She Battled for Her Daughter

Before his death, Paul Walker named his mother Cheryl Ann as Meadow’s legal guardian. This prompted a harsh custody battle among Rebecca and Cheryl. Rebecca wasn’t given custody because of her addiction.

6. She Made Herself Better for Her Daughter

Cheryl agreed to give Rebecca Meadows authority in exchange for Rebecca Meadows moving to California to raise her daughter and finish an alcohol treatment program after their courtship was settled. Paul’s ex maintains a position of safety and stays out of the spotlight.

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7. The Reason for Her Separation From Paul

Some claim that Paul and Rebecca’s extensive arguments over the latter’s drinking problems prompted their separation in late 1999. Notwithstanding, some claim that Walker turned down Rebecca at the time because he assumed he lacked the necessary maturity.

8. Current Status of Rebecca

Rebecca Soteros presently resides in California with her daughter Meadow Walker. The mother-daughter combo is in charge of the charity they established in Paul’s memory after he passed away tragically in a car accident.

Meet Meadow Walker’s Mother Rebecca Soteros

Rebecca Soteros is known as the late Paul Walker’s previous girlfriend and the mother of his lone kid. She had a short relationship with the actor before he shot to fame with the Fast and Furious franchise.

Rebecca was brought into the world to parents Mark and Julie Ann Soteros in 1974 and grew up with her sibling, Joshua. She attended the Village Christian School in California and graduated in 1992. She also earned a bachelor’s certificate in secondary education and took up teaching as a profession.

The California native started dating Paul Walker in 1998 and the pair invited their daughter that same year. Be that as it may, the couple soon parted ways and Rebecca moved to Hawaii with her kid. Meadow Walker got back to California to live with her father when she was 11 years old.

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Rebecca flew back to California to support her daughter after Paul Walker’s tragic demise and was seen soothing Meadow Walker during the actor’s non-denomination memorial at Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

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Preceding his death, Paul Walker named his mother Cheryl Ann as the legal guardian of Meadow. This prompted an intense custody battle among Rebecca and Cheryl. The latter refused to give Rebecca custody of the youngster because of her two DUI incidents.

Bail Set at $3 Million for Chehalis Man Accused of Strangling His Father to Death

A Chehalis man accused of strangling his father to death had his bail set at $3 million in Lewis Province Superior Court on Monday.

Joshua M. Soteros, 43, was charged with second-degree murder, domestic viciousness.

“I just plead liable at this moment,” Soteros said when asked by Judge Joely O’Rourke assuming he understood the allegations.

O’Rourke declined to take Soteros’ liable plea saying she wasn’t comfortable accepting a plea on a homicide charge before the defendant had a chance to consult with an attorney.

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“I’m attempting to look out for your best interest and your fair treatment rights,” O’Rourke said. “I feel awkward with you coming in and pleading blameworthy to a homicide charge when you haven’t consulted with an attorney. Your arraignment will be set during the current week, you can talk with an attorney and in the event that you change your psyche at that point, we’ll talk about that, okay?”

Representative prosecutor Will Halstead requested that bail be set at $3 million, taking note of that detectives had informed him Soteros also faced a homicide charge from 2000 in California.

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Halstead said he was able to affirm that Soteros was in fact charged with murder in 2000 based off allegations that he had killed his father — the one he is alleged to have killed on Sept. 26 — anyway the case was dismissed.

“The matter was actually dismissed based upon a common responsibility, it looks like a mental health responsibility of Mr. Soteros,” Halstead said.

It was also unclear to Halstead why he was charged with murder when obviously his father had not been killed in 2000.

“I think the state’s request is reasonable under these circumstances and I will grant that request,” O’Rourke said regarding Soteros’ bail.

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