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Josh Trank Doubles Down On Unfair Fantastic Four Backlash


David Mudd

We previously covered that Josh Trank is ready to spill the beans on Fantastic Four’s troubled production. But now, the director is doubling down.

After the release of Chronicle in 2012 and its wild success at the box-office, Trank became quite a popular name in Hollywood. Studios offered him the reins to take on world-renowned IPs. Fox offered him a variety of different projects, and he ultimately chose “Fantastic Four”. As per his Trank’s vision, the rebooted Fantastic Four would have been a very unique version of the characters. In the vein of “Chronicle” as a found-footage film peppered with superhero elements; “Fantastic Four” would have been a body horror film. So, it’s all very disappointing how the final result turned out.

With behind the scenes drama where Trank fought with execs over plot elements to him being locked out of the editing room; Fantastic Four was an absolute disaster. The film bombed at the box office, earning $167 million on a $120 million budget.


Josh Trank opens up about troubled Fantastic Four' shoot, losing ...

Trank Claims He Was Set Up

Trank disowned the movie the night before it released. Citing that he had a year ago, he had a cut of the film that “would’ve received great reviews”, Trank has been vocal about his disdain for the film.

Half a decade later, Trank, whose new film “Capone” starring Tom Hardy, comes out soon is opening up about his experience. In an interview with Variety, Trank had a lot to say. When reports emerged about Fantastic Four’s production problems, they showed Trank in a very negative light. Now, Trank himself says that he was deliberately set up as the fall guy:

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There was a deep level of mischaracterization in the media about what was going on with the film…For me, it was unfair because the perception publicly was that there was one person responsible for this not going the way it should have gone, which is an easy thing to believe.” That one person he was referring to was himself.

Fantastic Four will be rebooted by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though there is no word on when the film will release.