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Jordan Peele wrote, directed, and co-produced the 2022 American neo-Western science fiction horror movie Nope (stylized as NOPE) through his Monkeypaw Productions company. Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer play horse-riding brothers who are looking for signs of an unexplained flying object in the movie. Steven Yeun, Michael Wincott, Brandon Perea, and Keith David all play supporting parts.

In November 2020, Peele formally unveiled his third directorial effort, which had no name at the time. In February 2021, Palmer and Kaluuya became members. Yeun was cast the next month, and in July 2021, Peele unveiled the title. In northern Los Angeles County, filming commenced in June 2021 and ended in November.

Nope had its Los Angeles TCL Chinese Theatre debut on July 18, 2022, and on July 22, 2022, Universal Pictures released it to theatres nationwide. Although the screenplay drew mixed reviews from critics, it has earned $171 million worldwide and been praised for its ambition, topics, performances, photography, visual style, musical soundtrack, and Peele’s direction. The American Film Institute listed it as one of the best 10 movies of 2022.

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About The Movie’s Story

The Haywoods train horses for film and TV. A coin from an aeroplane kills Otis Haywood Sr. OJ and Em Haywood inherit the ranch. OJ sells several horses to Ricky “Jupe” Park, who runs Jupiter’s Claim, a local Western theme park, to keep the business going. At the park, Jupe exploits his terrible experience as a kid actor on a sitcom, where a chimpanzee animal actor named Gordy maimed Jupe’s other human co-stars before being shot.

One night, the Haywoods see their electricity fluctuating and their horses disappearing and fiercely reacting to an unknown presence. They find a flying saucer-shaped UFO that has been taking their horses and spitting forth inorganic matter, which killed their father. The siblings record UFO footage to preserve the ranch by selling it. They hire Fry’s Electronics’ Angel Torres to instal surveillance cameras. Angel detects a stationary cloud near the UFO. The UFO’s disguise is the cloud.

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Jupe introduces a live show in Jupiter’s Claim and uses Lucky, one of OJ’s horses, to draw out the UFO, which has been feeding on the Haywoods’ horses for months, in front of an audience. The UFO eats Jupe and the audience. OJ believes the UFO is a predatory, territorial organism that eats anybody that looks at it. OJ believes they can affect the creature’s behaviour and film it without getting killed using horse-breaking techniques. The Haywoods call the creature “Jean Jacket” after a childhood horse and hire cinematographer Antlers Holst. After Jupiter’s Claim, Holst agrees.

Holst films with a hand-cranked IMAX camera to avoid Jean Jacket’s impacts on electronics. With Angel, the gang uses a field of electrically-powered tube man props to bait Jean Jacket. TMZ reporter trespasses onto the field and is flung from his electric motorcycle when it shuts down near Jean Jacket. Jean Jacket devours him while begs OJ to videotape the act. Holst can film Jean Jacket, but his preoccupation with “the unattainable shot” kills him and his camera. Angel survives Jean Jacket’s attack by wrapping herself in a tarp and barbed wire, causing the creature to unfurl from its saucer shape into a jellyfish.

OJ stares directly at Jean Jacket to distract it from Em, letting her ride the motorcycle to Jupiter’s Claim. She untethers Jupe, the park’s huge hydrogen balloon mascot. Jean Jacket tries to eat the balloon while Em uses a wishing well attraction’s analogue camera to photograph him from underneath before the balloon pops, seemingly killing him. Em finds OJ and Lucky outside Jupiter’s Claim, uninjured, with reporters arriving.

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The Cast And Its Characters

  • Otis “OJ” Haywood Jr., played by Daniel Kaluuya, is Otis’ son.
  • Otis Haywood’s daughter Emerald “Em” Haywood is played by Keke Palmer. Ricky “Jupe” Park, a former child actress and the owner/creator of the amusement park “Jupiter’s Claim,” is played by Steven Yeun.
  • Young Ricky “Jupe” Park, who portrays Mikey Houston on Gordy’s Home, is portrayed by Jacob Kim.
  • Michael Wincott plays acclaimed director of photography Antlers Holst.
  • Angel Torres, a tech salesperson at Fry’s Electronics, is played by Brandon Perea.
  • Wrenn Schmidt as Jupe’s spouse Amber Park
  • Angel’s coworker at Fry’s, Nessie, is played by Barbie Ferreira.
  • Gordy, the chimpanzee star of the sitcom Gordy’s Home, is played by Terry Notary.
  • Ryder Muybridge, played by Devon Graye, is a photographer who travels by electric bike.
  • Bonnie Clayton, a commercial actress, is Donna Mills.
  • Osgood Perkins plays advertising director Fynn Bachman.
  • Eddie Jemison plays the crew member Buster in the advertisement.
  • Haywood’s Hollywood Horses Ranch’s proprietor, Otis Haywood Sr., is portrayed by Keith David.
  • Sophia Coto portrays Mary Jo Elliott on Gordy’s Home, who plays Haley Houston.
  • As Mary Jo Elliott, Haley Babula (adult)
  • Margaret Houston is portrayed by Phyllis Mayberry on Gordy’s Home by Jennifer Lafleur.
  • Tom Bogan, who portrays Brett Houston in Gordy’s Home, is portrayed by Andrew Patrick Ralston.

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