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People are curious about Jonathan Majors about Jonathan Majorsdating history. He is an acclaimed actor from Lovecraft Country. He has become the center of widespread attention due to serious allegations. The 33-year-old star is renowned for his memorable portrayals of Damian Anderson in the recently premiered Creed III and Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. He is now facing charges of physically assaulting a woman in New York City. It is claimed that he engaged in acts of strangulation and harassment against her.

Dating History Of Jonathan Majors

Jonathan Majorsis a popular American actor who has recently been at the center of attention due to serious assault charges. This has sparked curiosity among internet users. Fans are now delving into his personal life and relationships. The interest in his dating history intensified when rumors emerged about him and Meagan Good. Megan is also 41 years old, coinciding with the assault allegations.

However, Jonathan Majors is known to be a private person who keeps his relationships confidential. There is no available information about his past romantic involvements. The dating rumor is therefore fueling public curiosity but there are no credible sources discussing his previous relationships.

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In various interviews, the actor known for portraying Loki has expressed his appreciation for solitude. Interestingly, he has also revealed a strong yearning for intimacy. This has left many puzzled about his relationship experiences. Surprisingly, little is known about his romantic history,

According to insiders familiar with Jonathan Majors and Meagan Good, it has been revealed that their relationship is relatively new. But they have grown close over the past few weeks. In fact, there are reports from an eyewitness claiming that the couple recently attended a movie screening at the Alamo Drafthouse in Los Angeles. Despite the assault allegations surrounding Majors, it seems he has found love in his life.

Jonathan Majors Is The Father Of A Child

During his college years, Jonathan Majors became a father to a daughter who is currently nine years old. His daughter is of mixed race, and he is deeply involved in her upbringing. Majors frequently expresses his views on the importance of providing comprehensive and accurate education, particularly in Black history. He strives for a better educational system that enriches the knowledge of future generations.

In several interviews, Jonathan Majors mentioned that he has a 9-year-old daughter named Ella Majors who lives with her mother in Atlanta, Texas.jonathan majors dating history

It seems that Jonathan and his child’s mother have been co-parenting, but they haven’t publicly discussed their relationship. In a 2020 interview, Jonathan shared a story about his daughter being upset because her hair wouldn’t “fall down” but instead “goes up.” His ex-partner called him to explain that her hair is unique and a special gift.

Jonathan talked about instilling a strong sense of self-worth in his daughter. He emphasized the importance of her own feelings and the idea that no man can control her or make her feel a certain way.

This might explain why he appears to be single, as he mentioned that his daughter, like him, is not easily impressed. He jokingly added that boys who are arrogant will find it difficult to relate to her and will have to deal with both her and him, which he playfully expressed sympathy for.

Jonathan Majors Controversy

Majors’ attorney revealed that the woman recanted her allegations in two written statements. Text messages were also released. It suggests that the woman did not consider it an attack and did not want charges to be pressed. Majors’ legal team submitted evidence to support his innocence.

After the first allegation, it was reported that Majors is a suspect in multiple cases of assault and abuse, with alleged victims cooperating with the District Attorney’s office. One alleged victim was granted a temporary order of protection against Majors.

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In response to the incident, the United States Army suspended recruiting commercials featuring Majors until the investigation is complete.

jonathan majors dating history

After his arrest, Majors was dropped by his management company and public relations firm. He was also removed from a film project and his role will be recast. His invitation to the 2023 Met Gala was revoked, and he was removed from an ad campaign for the Texas Rangers.


While still studying at Yale, Majors landed his first onscreen role in the ABC miniseries When We Rise. He portrayed the real-life gay activist Ken Jones and had the opportunity to meet him for research purposes. In the same year, Majors made his debut in a feature film as Corporal Henry Woodson in the Western movie Hostiles, directed by Scott Cooper.

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The film premiered at the Telluride Film Festival and was also screened at the Toronto International Film Festival. Majors continued to secure more roles, including appearances in the films White Boy Rick and Out of Blue in 2018. Both films were showcased at the Toronto International Film Festival, with the latter even competing for the Platform Prize.

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