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Jon Peters Spouse: Everything You Need To Know About His Wives

jon peters spouse

In this article, we will talk about Jon Peters Spouse and everything that you should know about his wives and fiancés. If you’re interested, you can find out everything we know by staying tuned.

What About John and His Early Life?

John Peters is an American film producer who was born on June 2, 1945, and used to be a hairdresser. Peters was born in California on June 2, 1945, in the city of Van Nuys. Peters’s father is Cherokee and his mother is Italian. Peter’s father died when he was eight years old, and then his mother later remarried. When he was 12, Peters was kicked out of school and sent to reform school for a year.

Everything About His Career

As a child, Peters was an extra in The Ten Commandments (1956).

Peters ran away from home at 14 and worked as a hairdresser in New York City, dying women’s pubic hair. He opened two salons in Los Angeles and eventually took over his uncle’s salon on Rodeo Drive, where he met Sue Mengers. In the 1970s, he learnt Jay Sebring’s style of cutting hair from Sebring’s protégé Jim Markham and designed a short wig for Barbra Streisand in For Pete’s Sake; Peters dated Streisand. After collaborating with Mengers, he produced both ButterFly (1974) and A Star Is Born (1976). Mengers stated, “He’s a hurricane. I’d be 20 years younger without Jon.”

Peters later ran Sony Pictures with Peter Guber from 1989 to 1991. He left Sony to form Peters Entertainment in 1991 with an exclusive three-year deal at Sony, but later went non-exclusive and added a non-exclusive deal at Warner Bros. in 1994.


Peters obtained Superman picture rights from Warner Bros. Kevin Smith speaks about working for Peters on Superman Reborn and Superman Lives in his Q&A/comedy DVD An Evening with Kevin Smith. Peters disdained most of Superman’s defining traits, including flying and wearing his trademark suit, according to Smith. Peters proposed Sean Penn for the role based on his portrayal as a death row convict in Dead Man Walking, in which he stated Penn had the eyes of a “caged animal, a fucking killer.” Smith said Peters also planned a fight between Superman and a big spider in the third act as a nod to King Kong. Later, Peters made Wild Wild West, which finale featured a big mechanical spider. Smith and Peters cover the story in The Death of ‘Superman Lives’

Smith stated Peters proposed he include a robot companion for Brainiac, a combat scene between Brainiac and polar bears, and a marketable “space dog” pet similar to Chewbacca. Peters said in the documentary Look, Up in the Sky: The Amazing Story of Superman: “The things I focused on were not heartfelt; they were more “Star Wars”-like. I lacked the human side of it.” Peters produced Superman Returns (2006) and Man of Steel (2013), both directed by Bryan Singer.  Christopher Nolan excluded Peters off the Man of Steel set because “my notoriety worries them.”

Peters produced Warner Bros.’ 2001 Sandman film. Neil Gaiman called the current Sandman script from Warner Bros. “the worst” 2005 interview: “Sandman movies are terrible… They hired well. Jon Peters fired them all and brought in command-obeying fighters. They were horrible.” Peters tried to include a “giant mechanical spider” in Superman Lives and Wild Wild West. To block its production, Gaiman leaked the script.

Author’s Proposed Autobiography

Peters’ autobiography was co-written with William Stadiem of Los Angeles. He said he “came from the lower depths to become THE MAN in Hollywood, a master of seduction, production, and psychology” and “has seen it all and knows it all, without ever being a know-it-all.” Peters apparently planned to write about his sex with Barbra Streisand, Sharon Stone, and others.  He resigned from the HarperCollins book deal in 2009 after negative publicity and probable lawsuits.


In August 2011, Los Angeles jurors ordered Peters to compensate a former assistant $3.3 million for sexual harassment and a toxic work environment on Superman Returns.

Peters’ influence prevented the 44-year-old single mother from finding job after the incident. Claimant obtained compensatory and punitive damages. Peters produced A Star Is Born however it was not PGA-certified. Bradley Cooper said he didn’t know about Peters’ sexual harassment claims and wasn’t on set. Peters got a producer credit for the 1976 film he owned.

Jon Peters Spouse: A Brief History

Peters got divorced after each of his four marriages, and his fifth marriage certificate was never filed. Several of his marriages and other long-term relationships happened at the same time. Peters has been married twice and has four children. Three of his older children work in the entertainment business.

Peters married Henrietta Zampitella for the first time when he was almost 17 years old. From April 1962 to November 1966, they were married.

In May 1967, a year after his first divorce, Peters married actress Lesley Ann Warren, with whom he had his son Christopher. After being apart for two years, the couple got a divorce in 1975.

From 1973 to 1982, Barbra Streisand and Peters had a public relationship and did business together. Streisand later became the godmother of his two daughters with Christine Forsyth.

Peters married Christine Forsyth in 1987. After the couple broke up, Christine Forsyth took in Skye and Caleigh Peters. After they broke up, Peters allowed Forsyth and the daughters stay in Bel-Air. He requested for a divorce in 1993 and urged her to leave the Bel-Air house in 2006.

Peters met Arabian horse breeder Mindy Williamson in 1994. She became his fourth wife in 2001. After they split up in 2004, they got back together from 2006 to 2009. Kendyl Peters is their child together.

On January 20, 2020, he got married for the fifth time to actress and model Pamela Anderson. The marriage certificate was never filed, and the couple split up after 12 days. Anderson said she and Peters were “never married in the eyes of the law.”

It is said that Jon Peters and actress Julia Bernheim got engaged in February 2020. The news came out three weeks after he broke up with Pamela Anderson.

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