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Joker 2: Is The Sequel Announced? Here Is Everything We Know


David Mudd

Is Joker 2 Confirmed? Is Joaquin Phoenix back? Here’s everything you need to know!

Joker, The Movie

The insanely loved movie of 2019, Joker, comes off as stupendously fantastic to viewers and critics alike.

Do I even need to get start on the mind-boggling series of comments and fanaticism that follow post the movie’s release?

No wonder Joaquin Phoenix won an OSCAR for Joker. Plus, his baffling speech that broke the internet, Oh boy!

The bewildering story of Joker is how a man, obscene and detested, slowly creeps into hysteria.

This, in turn, transforms him into an A1 criminal in Gotham City.

Progression Of Plot


Directed by Todd Philips, Joker keeps a masquerade and has a constant shift between 2 personalities.

His dark, brooding stare, his conclusions about life in general, and his apathetic reaction to death-defying occurrences are truly majestic.

A homage to the 70s drama thriller with the same name, Joker manages to reach its peak, grossing a million viewers and a huge fanbase all over the world!

Remember that dancing scene on the stairs which became an immediate hit among its audience?

My god, there wasn’t a single person on my Instagram who hadn’t taken a picture over there. *sigh*

The Sequel Of Joker

Director Todd Philips and Joaquin Phoenix have quite a number of times, hit the string regarding the apparent sequel.

Initially having decided to keep Joker, a single deal, they’ve eventually come up with the decision that probably a sequel run would do justice after all.

We see at the end of the movie that Bruce and Martha Wayne have ostensively died.

To this, a lot of fans have speculated if this means a perpetual return of Batman into the movie.

But the production has confirmed a separate movie about Batman is supposed to hit theatres by 2021.


Philips and Phoenix have also confirmed that the new Joker movie would have a plot and a storyline, absolutely different from the one which broke all records!

We haven’t yet had our hands on a possible release date, but we, for certain, know, that a sequel is on it’s way!






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