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Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers Still Together in 2023? JoJo and Jordan Are Married!

The Longest Single Girl Commitment at Any Point Is Finally Finished!

Following a 6-year commitment, previous Single woman JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers finally tied the knot.It’s a day I feared could never come, rose sweethearts: JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers are FINALLY married!

Believe it or not: The longest Unhitched female commitment is finished, and this time it didn’t end with a “we have chosen to head out in a different direction” explanation on Instagram. Fletcher and Rodgers, who have been locked in since her Single woman finale in 2016 (!), secured the bunch on Saturday, May 14 in St Nick Ynez, California.

“It required a long time to arrive yet it was all so worth it!” Fletcher, 31, told Individuals, which originally detailed the news. “Can hardly hold back to begin the following part of our coexistences.”

For those keeping count, Fletcher and Rodgers’ wedding brings the all out Lone wolfess marriage count up to five — however one of those couples, Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum, eventually separated.

Soon Thereafter, Rodgers Shocked JoJo Fletcher by Proposing Briefly Time

“I love @joelle_fletcher with everything that is in me!! I generally needed to re-propose, without any cameras, no makers, no show… just us,” he composed through Instagram in August 2019, three years after he initially got down on one knee.


“Our most memorable commitment was so real, and implied such a huge amount to us both, yet as we start to really design our wedding for the following year I needed to do everything over again, OUR WAY! So I purchased another ring, made an arrangement (that nearly went to pieces on numerous occasions), and got down on one knee once more.”

After their original wedding plans got postponed two times, the JoJo Fletcher only let us know that the pair were determined to completely finish their wedding “regardless of anything” the third time around.

“I think it’s simply an individual choice. Like [for] certain individuals, it meant quite a bit to them to say, ‘Tune in, I simply need to get married. I couldn’t care less pretty much this,’” she said. “

And for Jordan and I, I feel like time has forever been in support of ourselves and we’ve generally kind of taken things at the speed that we were generally agreeable and, like, we’ve stood by so lengthy.”

In July, Rodgers shared that children were “definitely essential for the manner of thinking” while purchasing their new Dallas home in front of their pre-marriage ceremony.

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“We realize that this will be our house for the following anyway numerous years,” JoJo Fletcher told Us. “Clearly it will be our most memorable house that we’re in whenever we’re married one year from now. And so children could have it anytime after that and we definitely have room.”

Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers Still Together in 2023


August 10, 2016: JoJo Fletcher and Rodgers Move In Together in Dallas…and Archive the Entire Thing on Snapchat

During “After the Final Rose,” Rodgers referenced that his sacks were stuffed and he was ready for his enormous move to Fletcher’s old neighborhood of Dallas.

On August 10, Fletcher tweeted that the 10-hour excursion to Dallas from Nashville (Rodgers’ house) was in progress and the two were ready to begin living together.

The cheerful couple wound up documenting their entire excursion on Snapchat, as announced by Buzzfeed.

October 18, 2016: Fletcher and Rodgers show up on an episode of Fletcher’s ex’s show “Ben and Lauren: Joyfully Ever Later?”

During the second episode of “Ben and Lauren,” Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins got together with Rodgers and Fletcher for informal breakfast — the initial time any of them had seen each other since Higgins told both Fletcher and Bushnell that he cherished them, which was an undeniable wellspring of pressure among Higgins and his then-life partner, Bushnell.

While Higgins and Bushnell appeared to be a piece tense on the episode, Fletcher and Rodgers appeared absolutely quiet with the present circumstance and their relationship, which seems OK … those two are still together, while Higgins and Bushnell just endured a couple of additional months.

Both Bushnell and Higgins are currently cheerfully married to various individuals.


September 25, 2018: They Start Their YouTube Channel, “Drew In With JoJo Fletcher and Jordan”

Yet again following two years of connected ecstasy, Rodgers and Fletcher chose to give fans access to their lives by starting a YouTube show, “Drew in with JoJo Fletcher and Jordan.” Their most memorable video was posted in September 2018.

Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers Still Together in 2023

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They posted consistently through April 2019, sharing recordings about their lives, the way things were to become well known rapidly, mixed drink recipes, and house visits. Their latest video about kinds of parents they assumed they would have been.

July 23, 2019: JoJo Fletcher and Rodgers Begin Hosting “Money Cushion” on CNBC

One of Rodgers and Fletcher’s shared interests is house flipping — that is the very thing Fletcher was doing before she was cast on “The Single guy.” In this way, the two chose to benefit from their home-redesign abilities to have a show called “Money Cushion.”

The show focuses on the couple as they “join forces with mortgage holders hoping to transform their properties into ideal momentary rentals,” according to IMDb. “JoJo and Jordan will change these ordinary spaces with unrealized potential into productive excursion rental problem areas.”

Sadly, the ratings were appalling and the show was true dropped.


“We haven’t heard anything about a season two so as of this moment, we’re not really, you know, nothing’s in progress,” Fletcher said in February 2021.

August 28, 2021: Rodgers Uncovers He Had a Mystery Get Together With Fletcher While Filming “The Single Girl”

On his Instagram stories, Rodgers retold a story from his experience on “The Single girl.” He explained that makers got him covertly writing Fletcher love notes — obviously, that is something that they’d very much want to get on camera.

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In this way, they requested that he hold on until they could catch it on film. Rodgers, sensing an opening, bargained with makers and let them know that he’d allow them to show it on camera assuming they’d allow him to invest some energy with Fletcher alone, absolutely behind the scenes. Surprisingly, they concurred.

Fletcher and Rodgers had the option to hang out alone in a lodging, partake in some cheap food, and by and large have an ordinary evening, which most “Single man” couples don’t get.

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