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Johns Hopkins: The Use Of Johns Hopkins In The CDDEP Case Was Not Authorised, Pulls Out Of The Study

Many theories suggest that the number of cases will increase rapidly in the coming days. The study Johns Hopkins done about India. India is the second-biggest country in terms of population, and the healthcare infrastructure is also not so good. The country is in lockdown at the moment, but still, people are not taking the situation seriously. Now, there are medical institutes which are researching how this may grow when it can stop.

Johns Hopkins Was Never A Part Of The Research:

Recently CDDEP (Centre for Disease Dynamics Economics and Policy) released a study that said that more than 300 million people might get affected by Coronavirus in India till July. Now, that is something horrifying. They also used the logo of Johns Hopkins. It is a university that is known worldwide for its accurate research data. Now, after this news came to light, John Hopkins has come forward, and they have pulled their name from it.

Johns Hopkins

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Why Did Johns Hopkins Pull Out Of The Study:

If we believe what John Hopkins University people are saying, they never authorized CDDEP to conduct any such research. They even used the logo without their permission, and that is a criminal offence. From the day lockdown happened till now, there are many universities and private organizations that are giving out data. These are creating panic in the country. We know that there are chances that this may happen, but there is no certainty.

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Will Lockdown Help In Reducing The Effect Of The Virus:

The chances are there that if followed correctly, this lockdown will help slow down the rate at which it is spreading. This is important, and we have to break the chain, there is no vaccine made for this disease. What we can do is, stay inside our home and still maintain distance from other people in there. We don’t know, and we might be carrying the virus, it might be someone else in the family. 

Johns Hopkins

This is not just for 21 days people, understand it. It might go on for so long, and this is the time, be responsible and take care of yourself and the ones around.

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