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Johnny Depp x Amber Heard


David Mudd

Johnny Depp praised Amber Heard’s ‘heroism’ in his drugs battle, court hears

The Conduct

Johnny Depp today accused Amber Heard of withholding his rehab medicine while he lay ‘sobbing like a child’ .

This was as he suffered from withdrawal on a pre-wedding detox trip to his private island in 2014.

The 57-year-old ‘Pirates of the Carribean’ actor gave evidence at the High Court as he sues The Sun for libel.

This was after it described him as a ‘wife beater’ following claims by his ex-wife Heard, 34, that he repeatedly attacked her.

The Pretext

He said he retired to the island – where he married Heard in 2015 and which he bought for $3.5million in 2004 – with Heard and a nurse while he tried to kick his addiction to the prescription drug known as ‘Roxxies’.

In his witness statement, Depp claimed that Heard ‘often intervened and withheld medicine from me’,

This was while the pair were on the island, which he described as ‘one of the cruellest things that she has ever done’.

He told the court how Heard would deny him medicine, leaving him ‘sobbing like a child’ on the floor and having the ‘heebie-jeebies’ and start shaking and having stomach cramps.

The End

Texts exchanged between Heard and an onsite nurse standing by throughout the withdrawal showed her telling medics to come and help when Depp allegedly ‘pushed’ her.

Depp denied kicking Heard and pulling her hair, claiming that he was ‘in no physical condition’ to have assaulted her and calling the accusations her ‘insurance policy’.

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