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Johnny Depp: Leonardo DiCaprico ‘Bans’ Depp From Working In Hollywood After Getting Dragged In Depp-Amber Trials!


David Mudd

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s recent court trials on their abusive marriage in known to everyone. And during the trials they have dragged many other celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprico.

Johnny Depp Banned By Leonardo DiCaprico?

Well the high voltage court trials on Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s controversial marriage has gained a lot of attention. But it turned out to be really frustrating for many because nobody wants to get dragged in controversies.

Johnny Depp
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But this happened to Titanic actor Leonardo DiCaprico when Amber Heard made a statement. And according to the statement Johnny Depp has accused her of cheating on him with Leonardo.

And this has left him quite furious. After that there are speculations the he has in away banned Depp from working in Hollywood.

According to some sources Leonardo has told many company associates and employees not to ever work or deal with Depp. But we don’t know how true is this.

Post the allegation Leonardo in his response statement has said that he doesn’t know Amber Heard. And he is currently very happy with his girlfriend Camila Morrone.

He also said that he doesn’t have any grievance against Depp. So post this statement it gets hard to believe that Leonardo has actually tried to ban Depp from getting projects in Hollywood.

The Court Trials

The recent 16 day court trials revolving around Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s marriage controversy came to an end.

Nonetheless it was quite a dramatic one. Depp had sued The Sun magazine for their article which called him a wife-beater. And after that a series of blame game and allegations began.

Johnny Depp
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From accusing each other of domestic violence and cheating to defame one another Amber and Depp has done it all. Although the trials have ended now and the judgement is awaited but it is just temporary.

And that is because Johnny Depp has filed another defamation case directly at Amber Heard. The hearings will begin in early 2021 at the Virginia Court.

And thus their never ending tale of allegations and accusations continue!

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