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Joe Russo Inks Deal To Write Extraction 2


Netflix’s Extraction has garnered a massive fanbase in the first few days of it being available for streaming. Audiences have certainly taken a liking to Chris Hemsworth’s Tyler Ryke, even comparing him to Keanu Reeves’ John Wick. And while of course, the story isn’t all that stellar, it stands toe-to-toe with Wick when it comes to action. The Netflix Original recently set a huge record becoming the biggest-even film premiere on the service. In the first couple weeks of release, 90 million households tuned in to watch Chris Hemsworth latest take on the action genre.

After Endgame’s record-breaking success, the Russos seem to have another hit under their belts. After their Marvel tenure, they seem to have begun a new phase of their career with their own production company ABGO. As such, they’ve collaborated with a lot of MCU talent of late with 21 Bridges starring Chadwick Boseman. They’re also directing Cherry, a drug-war drama starring Tom Holland and there’s of course Extraction!

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Who Is Returning?

The film was directed by former-stunt performer Sam Hagrave. And it focuses on Rake’s attempt to rescue a child and keep him safe in Bangladesh. The action was a key selling-point leading up to the release of the film with one continuous 12-minute take serving as a special highlight. Though the movie seems standalone, there is definitely room for more stories with Tyler Rake, and now Netflix is certainly banking on it.

Deadline reported that Joe Russo has now signed a deal to pen the script for the sequel. Joe confirmed by stating, “We’re not sure yet on if the story goes forward, or backward in time. We left a big cliffhanger ending that leaves question marks for the audience.”

It is not yet known if Hagrave will return to direct; also worth noting is that Hemsworth himself doesn’t have a sequel in his contract for the first film. Netflix is reportedly looking to close those deals before the script is written.

In any case, Extraction is currently streaming on Netflix.

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