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Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn Didn’t Attend The Met Gala in 2022, Here’s Why

Taylor Swift has decided to forgo the Met Gala once more, following a six-year absence from the iconic New York City event. Joe Alwyn, her boyfriend, was also absent from the event.

Considering their history of not attending events, the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, and their inclination to maintain a low profile between projects, Swift and Alwyn’s absence isn’t all that shocking.

Swift’s most recent Met Gala appearance, in 2016, took place at the same location where she implied in her hit song “Dress” that she met her boyfriend Joe Alwyn, according to Swift.

It’s a flashback to that first meeting / Your buzzcut and my blonde hair / You could see the best in me even when I was at my lowest point.” Swift and Kanye West’s phone call was captured on Snapchat by Kim Kardashian in the summer of 2016, and Swift’s hair was dyed blonde for the occasion, while Alwyn had a buzz cut. Swift and Kanye West’s phone call was captured on Snapchat by Kim Kardashian. Swift would go on to date Tom Hiddleston for a short period of time following the incident, until meeting Alwyn in the fall of 2011.

joe alwyn 2022

According to a recent interview with ELLE UK, Alwyn has stated that he does not discuss Swift in interviews. The reason he’s guarded and secretive isn’t exactly because he wants to be, he says. “It’s more of a reaction to something else,” he says with a shrug. The civilization in which we live is becoming increasingly intrusive… Something will be stolen from you the more you offer—and, to be honest, even if you don’t give anything at all.”

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, he also addressed engagement rumours, making it plain that he would not personally confirm or deny them. It would take a lot of pounds to accumulate a large collection of pound coins, according to the man who believes he has been told of his engagement. To be honest with you, if the answer were yes, I wouldn’t say anything, and if the answer were no, I wouldn’t say anything.”

Joe Alwyn Feels There’s More to Speak About Than Taylor Swift.

Despite the fact that he is well aware that many people are interested in hearing about his relationship with Taylor Swift, Joe Alwyn admits he does not “know how best to talk about it.”

In an interview with The Guardian, the actor stated that when it comes to their relationship, they are “absolutely in love.” “It’s just that it’s not for everyone. And I don’t say that in a condescending manner.”

It’s not that I’m unaware of people’s… of the magnitude of their curiosity, or that such a world exists,” the star of “The Favourite” stated. The fact is, it’s simply not something I’m very interested in or have much interest in feeding, I guess, since the more you feed it, the more you open the door for incursion.”

According to reports, the pair first met in 2016 and had been dating for several years.

Neither Alwyn nor Swift have been very forthcoming about their relationship.

“I believe it’s just my response to a culture that has this rising expectation that everything will be supplied,” Alwyn said in an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian.

joe alwyn 2022

When it comes to social media, “is it being private if you don’t post about how you prepare your coffee in the morning, or if you don’t let someone snap a picture of you when you walk out your front door?” he said. “I’m not sure if it is or not. As a result, I just do not feed that.”

“There are more interesting things to talk about,” Alwyn continued, “and I just think it feeds into a weird aspect of the culture that I’m not really interested in being a part of.”

One thing he was willing to talk about was their recent Grammy triumph, which they had received.

“Betty” and “Exile,” two tracks from Taylor Swift’s album “Folklore,” were written with him as a collaborator under the pseudonym William Bowery.

“It was a weird side effect of being under lockdown,” Alwyn remarked.

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