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Jinx Chapter 27 Release Date, Spoiler, Raw Scan Recap and Where to read!

All About The Upcoming Chapter

The popularity of Manga, Manhwa and Manhua are getting increased day by day and we can't deny to this fact that they are worth getting all the attention. With refresing storylines and character developments, they provide us a world where readers can get lost while reading them. We will talk about the most recent manhwa Jinx which has released its 26 chapters as of now and is currently about to release chapter 27.

Jinx is an ongoing manhwa written and illustrated by Mingwa. It was first released in 2022, it has been published by Lezhin which also licenses it in English. Each new chapter is serialized every ten days. In this article, we are going to share Jinx Chapter 27 Release Date and more.

Jinx Chapter 27 Release Date

Jinx Chapter 27 will release on July 2, 2023. Check below for the release time zone in every country.

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 7:00 AM PDT, July 2, 2023
  • Central Daylight Time: 9:00 AM CDT, July 2, 2023
  • Eastern Daylight Time: 10:00 AM EDT, July 2, 2023
  • Indian Standard Time: 8.30 PM IST, July 2, 2023
  • Singapore Standard Time: 11:00 PM SGT, July 2, 2023
  • Philippines Standard Time: 11:00 PM PST, July 2, 2023
  • Korean Standard Time: Midnight KST, July 3, 2023
  • Japanese Standard Time: Midnight JST, July 3, 2023
  • Australia Eastern Daylight Time: 02:00 AM AEDT, July 3, 2023

Where to read Jinx Chapter 27?

For those who are looking forward to read Jinx Chapter 27, we would like to inform you that it will be available to read on Lezhin.

Jinx Chapter 27 Release Date

Jinx Chapter 26 Recap

The previous chapter shows a match between Doc Dan and Jaekyung. Everyone in the gym supports Doc Dan. Jaekyung says that Doc will win if he gets one face hit in three minutes over three rounds. Kim asks what if Doc wins? Jaekyung says he will complete any one wish for him.

The match starts and Jaekyung make him fall to his knees. Kim stood up and starts to punch. Jaekyung puts him to the ground. Kim stands up once again and his nose is bleeding.

Doc grabs Jaekyung. The gym door opens. Jaekyung loses his focus for a second and Kim throws a punch right in his face. The match ends and Doc Dan won. He asks Jaekyung to spar with Potato.

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Jinx Chapter 27 Spoiler

Jinx Chapter 27 will let us know the aftermath of the fight where Kim Dan is supposes to get praised by everyone in the gym as everyone cheered for him in previous chapter. The members of the gym thought he would lose the fight. However, the Doc surprisingly throws a hit on Jaekyung.

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The spoiler for the next chapter is not available but it will be very interesting to read what happens after the fight?

Is Raw Scan Available?

Currently, the raw scans are not available but it will soon be available 2 days before the original release. You are suppose to get raw scan after June 29.

Jinx Rating

As we are aware of the fact that ratings play a vital role in deciding the performance of the manhwa. It also leads newbie to decide whether or not they should give it a try.

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Talking about Jinx, it has ranked 6.48/10 on MyAnimeList.

Is It Worth Reading?

Honestly, the manhwa receive mixed reviews from audience. While some loved reading it, there are some who did not have good experience reading so we leave it to the readers whether they want to give it a chance or not. Do you think you should give it a try if you have not read it yet?


Jinx is an ongoing manhwa written and illustrated by Mingwa. Jinx Chapter 27 will release on July 2, 2023. Each release time as per different countries have been mentioned above. The victory of Doc has been celebrating in the manhwa currently and we are all set to read what can happen next?

Thank you for giving us your precious time. See you soon with another articles. You can also find out more articles on Trending news buzz.

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