Jinx Chapter 24 Preview, Unexpected Twists and More Things to Know!



Fans of the Jinx series are most eager for its upcoming chapter, which is Chapter 24. And why not? The series is most definitely worth watching.

With the scheduling of its release date for June 2, 2023, I know you are thinking about various aspects of the Jinx Series, such as what type of plot you could see in the upcoming chapter or if there is any other unexpected twist about the series.

Well, manga lovers, it is totally normal to be an obsessed fan of your favorite series. I know, your stomach is tickling to know many things, like the preview details and plots. So that is why I am here to tell you about all these things. So let’s get started.

What is Jinx All About?

Before we move on to further information about this manga series, let me tell you about the same basic information: what is Jinx all about? so that you have a clear understanding of the Jinx Series.

Well, this manga series was started in 2022 by Lezhin. Since then, a new chapter has been released every 10 days. The Jinx series is about a therapist named Kim Dan, who never had anything good in his life.

He was living a miserable life with several factors, such as dangerous loan sharks, being unemployed, and a sick grandmother.

But the turning point of his life was when he got selected to treat a top MMA fighter named Joo Jaekyung. The manga series is a complete package of drama and romance as we witness the relationship between Dan and Jaekyung.

What Can We Expect From Jinx Chapter 24?

We may expect the tale to pick up where it left off in Jinx’s previous chapter. Additionally, we can expect more from the new chapter. Maybe the story has some more twists and turns than the previous one.

Also, we can expect an unusual turn on behalf of the character Potato. His reason for their skepticism stems from his selfish desire to be closer to Jaekyung and get his attention.

Jinx Chapter 24 Preview

As a result, he became hypersensitive to everything that happened around him. Moreover, we might see Jaekyung’s collection of guys owed to him last a little longer, or maybe not.

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Recap of Jinx Chapter 24

In the previous chapter, we saw Potato and Jaekyung talking on the phone while watching a match. However, before entering the gym, he frequently discusses his issues and life. It looks like he wants to impress Jaekyung.

Furthermore, it’s clear that he attempts to pique Jaekyung’s attention. He wants to demonstrate his excellent qualities. But sometimes, it looks really weird, such as when every individual went to the match and Potato stayed home. Potato’s appearance is strange, as he wishes to spend time with Jaekyung.

A Few Theories About the New Plot of Jinx Chapter 24

Jinx Chapter 24 appears to be an interesting edition in which the main character, Jaekyung, has stopped neglecting Kim Dan’s affections while claiming his supremacy. Also, we may see Jaekyung’s list of indebted people expand, or the opposite may happen.

Potato’s motives for harboring suspicions, aside from that, arise from his own self-centered desire to forge a stronger connection with Jaekyung and earn his attention. Potato has become hypersensitive to the events developing around Jaekyung.

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Where Can I Read Jinx Chapter 24?

With the preview and plots of this manga series, you must know about the reading platform of this series. Jinx Chapter 24 will be released soon on Lezhin and Mangabuddy. The interesting thing is that Lezhin Comics offers a diverse range of genres and titles, including “Jinx.”


Overall, it will be a fun treat and roller coaster ride to watch this series’s new chapter for manga lovers. With more action, emotions, and feelings than the previous chapters, it must be worth watching.

You can read it on Lezhin and Mangabuddy. Other than that, do not forget to keep reaching back to our website for more amazing content like this. We will make sure to update this article with some of the new information as soon as it becomes available.