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Jinx Chapter 17 Release Date: What Will Happen in This Chapter? Spoilers Revealed!

As soon as chapter 16 of Jinx ended, the readers were highly speculating on the release of the upcoming Jinx Chapter 17. What will Jaekyung do in the upcoming chapter of the manga? 

Jinx is one of the popular Manga series that has a wide fan following all around the world. As of now, the manga has already released 16 chapters and the readers are waiting to learn about the upcoming chapter of the show. So, will he save his day without getting into any conflicts? Well, we need to look now. 

In the previous chapter, we have already witnessed how things change with him and how his decision has played an important role in the bringing of the story.  There is no doubt that Kim Das has the worst luck and it has already been proven in the story.  Several incidents prove how luck has changed everything.

 The majority of readers were already sure how everything would go but the writer gave us some hints regarding the upcoming storyline which Further imposes Our thoughts regarding him. There was a time  The Reader thought that things were going in a better direction but writers didn’t take much time to prove it wrong.

 In this article, we will be going to read everything about Jinx chapter 17 in detail. if you have not read the previous chapter of the Manga then I will recommend you to read the previous article first and then head to this one.  for more details regarding the upcoming event continue reading the article till the end.

Jinx Chapter 17: Everything You Need to Know!

Everyone thought that Kim Dan would be the main character who will save Jaekyung in the upcoming story. but things turn out the opposite for the readers when they move forward with the story.  they learn how his mind was a complete mess and how it changed the reader’s view regarding him. 

Also, fans felt bad for Kim when they learned that he was a loner in this world. There is no doubt that he only has his grandmother by his side but is it enough? He has a lot of responsibilities to follow, and this makes the readers more vulnerable to him. People have taken their benefits from him and used him to make money. This shows the reality of a society where everyone is selfish, and wants the best for themselves, but not for others. The story opens the eyes of the readers and the mentality of the societies regarding the innocent. 

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While there have been a lot of things happening in the previous chapter of the show, fans are still waiting to learn what the future of the series is going to look like. In the last chapter, fans witness how Kim Dan got beaten up before he passed out on Jaekyung. So what will happen in the upcoming chapter? What can science expect from the storyline of the series? And will things become better for Kim? Continue reading this article to find out everything about the upcoming chapters.

Jinx Chapter 17 Release Date: When It is Going to Release?

Chapter 16 of Jinx is already released and the majority of readers have already learned about it. There has been a lot going around the storyline of this webtoon. As soon as chapter 16 of Jinx ended, the people worked with two wonders about the upcoming chapter of it.

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There is no doubt that fans are eagerly waiting for the release of chapter 17 because of the ending of the previous chapter. If you have already read it,  you will know how it ends.  chapter 16 ended on a major cliffhanger.

While the officials have already greenlit chapter 17 of the manga,  fans are still speculating about the release of the upcoming chapters. Jinx Chapter 17 is scheduled to release on March 23, 2023.

Jinx Chapter 17 Storyline: What It Will Be About?

A lot of people want to know what the future of Jinx chapter 17 will look like. In the previous chapter, we have seen a lot of things that are enough for people to learn. But the 17th chapter is going to bring out some of the major events that will change the story completely.

Jaekyung and Jinx’s bullies are finally going to meet and fight in the upcoming chapter. This has been one of the most awaited things for the readers to learn and chapter 17 is going to make it more dramatic. 

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The readers will learn more about Kim Dan’s life and so will Jakehyung. Many readers are excited to see what happens between these two and whether Jaekyung will develop some feelings for Kim or not. There are high chances for this to happen because the story has previously hinted for this to happen.

As of now, there are no details regarding the future of the show, but we are sure that the upcoming chapter is going to bring a lot of new things for the readers to learn.

Jinx Chapter 17 Spoilers

Many readers are waiting to hear the spoilers for chapter 17 but unfortunately, the officials have not yet disclosed anything regarding it. There has been some speculation for chapter 17 but none of them has been officially confirmed by the writers. Readers need to wait for a while to hear some announcements.

Is It Worth Reading?

A lot of people have already begun reading the webtoon and it is evident from the great popularity of this Manga. People are admiring the storyline of the given webtoon and are excited to learn about the future chapters. If you love reading webtoons and you want to try something different then Jinx would be something we would recommend.

There is no doubt that this webtoon is one of the amazing releases of the Year. Manga has already started gaining popularity among the people and audiences are loving the dramatic and twisted plot of the storyline. 

 along with this, if You need any recommendations regarding the other webtoon then comment down below. read more about the upcoming event happening in the community and get all the latest updates about the upcoming event.


Jaekyung and Jinx’s story is going to continue and readers are excited to witness it. The upcoming chapters are going to bring some unexpected details to the storyline. The release date for chapter 17 has been scheduled for March 23, 2023. readers should take out their phones and mark the date on their calendars.

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