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Jesus Revolution Movie: a True Story Based on a Revolution is Coming Next Year!

The Jesus Revolution movie might be the perfect choice for you even if you believe that flared jeans, beards, as well as flowers, should return to fashion with something like a spiritual reckoning.

DeVon Franklin, a producer as well as best-selling writer, has landed his first significant film role in the Lionsgate as well as Kingdom Story Company’s Jesus Revolution movie.

DeVon Franklin is the president and chief executive officer of Franklin Entertainment, the production business that has first-look agreements with CBS TV Studios but also Paramount Pictures.

He was the idea for several of Hollywood’s most well-received inspiring works, such as the upcoming film Flamin’ Hot for Searchlight and indeed the television program Kingdom Business for BET+. Franklin is indeed a producer adding to being a bestselling author of numerous novels.

It Takes a Woman, an Audible Original by him that provides a profoundly personalized touch on the catastrophe that changed his family’s lives, was published in April.

The Jesus Revolution movie is one of several upcoming faith-based ventures that Alabama natives Jon, as well as Andy Erwin, have planned.

The movie, which is set in the 1960s and 1970s, tells the story of the legendary hippie movement that underwent a drastic transformation after discovering Christ’s rescuing love after the so “Jesus Revolution.”

What Will Be the Release Date of the Jesus Revolution Movie?

Jesus Revolution movie

Jesus Revolution has a Lionsgate release date of February 24, 2023. On that day, the Jon Erwin-Brent McCorkle-directed film depicts the story of a young Greg Laurie getting raised by his poor mother Charlene mostly in the 1970s and was influenced by a real movement.

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To reinvent truth via all methods of emancipation, Laurie as well as a wave of youth swarmed sunny Southern California. Accidentally, Laurie runs with charismatic hippie street preacher Lonnie Frisbee with Pastor Chuck Smith, who’ve been welcoming a torrent of lost teenagers into Smith’s ailing church.

What Do We Know About the Storyline of the Film?

Jesus Revolution movie

The entire community in the US discovered new significance in Christianity during the socially tumultuous 1970s, igniting a revival that began on the West Coast as well as quickly expanded across the country.

Young Greg Laurie goes out in the 1970s to reinvent truth through all means of liberty but instead runs across inspirational hippie street preacher Lonnie Frisbee.

The world-changing Jesus Revolution began when Laurie and Frisbee, alongside Pastor Chuck Smith, opened the doors of Smith’s floundering church to something like an unexpected revival fueled by rock and roll, newfound love, as well as a twist of faith.

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The Harvest Crusade, which has attracted over six million attendees, and Harvest Christian Fellowship, including some of the biggest churches in America, were both founded by Laurie.

There are countless current-day protest marches and crusades for reform. The account of one such movement, known as the Jesus Revolution, not only served as a template for later changemakers but also inspired a renewal with consequences that are still relevant today.

The concept of seeking a greater meaning in life in the middle of a damaged and broken world, according to Erwin, is ageless. The film takes place in a really specific period and place.

“Kelsey does indeed have a proven power to interact with viewers in a real, emotional way in his legendary performances, which again will render him a terrific presence in this movie,” says the statement.

Who Will Be Seen in the Movie?

Jesus Revolution movie

In the Jesus Revolution movie, Laurie’s transformation from Southern California hippy rebel to devoted Christian during the height of the Jesus Movement is followed.

Joel Courtney, who was most recently seen in The Kissing Booth, will play young Greg Laurie in the movie, while Frasier’s Kelsey Grammer would play Greg’s mentor, Pastor Chuck Smith.

Evangelist Lonnie Frisbee will be portrayed by The Chosen’s Jonathan Roumie, and Cathe, Greg Laurie’s young wife, will be played by Anna Grace Barlow, who has been in films including Scream and The Never List.

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Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Ally Ioannides, Julia Campbell, Nic Bishop, as well as Jolie Jenkins are a few other prominent castings.

“Chuck Smith, Lonnie Frisbee, Cathe Laurie, or I am not the focus of this movie.”  Pastor Greg Laurie said, “It’s about how Jesus worked and delivered a spiritual awakening throughout our lives which is still felt today.

“I am pleased to have some very talented, esteemed cast and team depict this narrative that is so close to my heart that forever transformed my life as well as our nation. The last major American spiritual awakening occurred during the Jesus Movement. According to some historians, it was the biggest revival ever.”

Trailer of Jesus Revolution!

Unfortunately, we don’t have the trailer for the Jesus Revolution movie. So, let’s wait for the Spiritual awakening coming in 2023.


Is the Jesus Revolution movie based on a true story?

Yes, it is a real account of the early 1970s national spiritual awakening and how it began among a group of young Southern California hippies.

Who are the movie’s producers?

Kevin Downes, Jon Erwin, Andrew Erwin, Josh Walsh, and Daryl Lefever are the producers of the movie.

Where was the movie’s shooting location?

In March 2022, filming took place in Mobile, Alabama.


Together with Jon Erwin, Jon Gunn wrote a screenplay. According to Jon Erwin’s statement to, “the revolution” started to change him as he researched more.

Then he started to consider that if it could affect us, perhaps it could affect others who were similar to him. Perhaps it would have an impact on those who are giving up on their faith.

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