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Who Is Jesse Williams Girlfriend? Is She Taylour Paige?

Jesse Williams has moved on from his relationship with actress Taylour Paige and is now in a relationship with someone else.

Radar was able to obtain court documents indicating that the 40-year-old actor dropped the bombshell as a part of his response to his ex-wife Aryn Drake-move Lee’s to strip him of his shared custody.

After a heated argument, Aryn accuses Jesse of acting erratically, cancelling time with his children on multiple occasions, and even threatening to call the police on her.

According to a 2019 agreement, the two are currently sharing shared legal and physical custody. Jesse is also obligated to pay his ex-wife $40,000 each month in alimony.

Jesse Williams Girlfriend

Jesse reacted angrily to Aryn’s motion, declaring it to be foolishness. It was his ex-wife who he accused of being manipulative and attempting to prevent him from developing a link with their children. He insisted he was a decent father who loved his children.

In his motion, Jesse accuses Aryn of being the one who is erratic, even going so far as to describe an alleged event in which she lost her cool on his nanny. He claims she had a meltdown in front of his children, during which she repeatedly smacked the window of the nanny’s vehicle.

Jesse also claims that Aryn has refused to tell him whether or not their children have had vaccinations. He is requesting that the court allow him the complete legal authority to investigate their whereabouts.

When he starts talking about the Broadway play he is currently working on, he drops the dating bombshell. Williams is presently based in New York, where she is preparing to star in the film Take Me Out. The show was originally scheduled to premiere in 2020, however it was postponed owing to the pandemic.

Jesse reports that Aryn consented to allow their children to fly back and forth between California and New York at one point. He claims that she is now attempting to use the epidemic as an excuse for refusing to let them go.

He then asserts that he knows personnel who could accompany the youngsters to make the trip easier on everyone. As a result, I am requesting adequate custody time for our children while I am in New York. “I recognise the significance of the Pandemic and the importance of keeping stability for our children.

In addition to his nanny, the children can travel with me and my long-term girlfriend Ciarra Pardo, whom the children have known their entire lives.

Jesse and Ciarra have never publicly acknowledged their relationship to the rest of the world. Aryn accused Jesse of breaking their parenting arrangement by introducing Ciarra to the children without her knowledge back in 2018. Jesse denied the allegations.

Under the terms of their agreement, the parties were supposed to obtain permission from one another prior to initiating the introduction of a new spouse to the children. At the time, insiders close to Jesse said that the actor and Ciarra were only friends and that they were not romantically involved.

Jesse Williams Girlfriend

In the spring of 2019, Jesse began a relationship with actress Taylour Paige, which lasted until the spring of 2021.

Ciarra is a successful businesswoman who also happens to be Rihanna’s best friend. She previously worked as a Creative Director for Geffen Records, where she collaborated with artists such as Jay-Z, Eminem, The Killers, and Usher.

Before Rihanna asked her to be the Chief Creative Officer of Fenty Corporation, she had worked with the singer for nine years.

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