Jerry Falwell Jr Wifeand The Sex Scandal With The Pool Guy


Aditi Narendra

A year after admitting to her romance with a former Miami pool attendant, Jerry Falwell Jr and Jerry Falwell Jr wife Becki Falwell have spoken openly about the incident that caused Falwell Jr. to quit Liberty University. The couples, who claim to have been able to move past the drama together, are giving new light on the circumstances of the affair as well as its aftermath in a series of exclusive conversations

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Following the passing of Jerry’s father, pastor, and Liberty founder Jerry Falwell Sr., in 2007, their lives first took a dramatic shift. Although Falwell Jr. had previously assisted his father in saving Liberty from financial collapse, he asserted that taking on the role of president of the evangelical university had special challenges.”People assume I’m religious because of my last name. But I’m not,” Falwell Jr., 59, said in the interview with Vanity Fair, adding that the time following his father’s passing was “the worst three months of my life.”Falwell Jr., who is well-known for making divisive remarks about Muslims, weaponry, and the LQBTQ community, remarked, “There was so strong pressure on me to become something I wasn’t. “Each morning I would ask myself, how will I do this”

Jerry Falwell Jr Wife About The Scandal

Prior to her husband’s success, Becki said she had become acclimated to her life as a stay-at-home mother of three; nevertheless, as her husband’s career progressed, she battled with the attention that came with it and feelings of isolation. She made the decision to have a transformation at that time and started observing boys on campus giving her “attention that I’d never gotten before,” she claimed. She admitted to r that she “didn’t have a college life” and that her inquisitiveness ultimately resulted in “the biggest mistake I’ve ever had”: her affair with Giancarlo Granda, a 20-year-old pool boy in Miami Beach.

Jerry Falwell Jr Wife

Granda previously told Reuters that he had an affair with Becki while Falwell Jr. watched. Both Falwell Jr. and Becki have denied his involvement and accused Granda of trying to blackmail them, which he has previously denied. Asked about the couple’s recollection, Granda told the magazine that his memories were very different, but that he declined to comment further.”I can assure you that everything will be answered in the book and Hulu documentary,” Granda told Back in Miami that summer, Becki said that she and Granda had sex for the first time while Falwell Jr. was looking at properties in South Florida for a business opportunity that Granda had suggested.

Pool Guy  About The Scandal

The pool guy who had an affair with Jerry Falwell Jr.’s wife claimed she contacted him at a Miami hotel and promised sex — as long as her husband could witness — before things got more serious. Giancarlo Granda’s next book, “Off the Deep End: Jerry and Becki Falwell and the Collapse of an Evangelical Dynasty,” will detail how their relationship began when Granda was a 20-year-old pool boy. Jerry Falwell was made to resign from his position as president of Liberty University in 2020 as a result of the six-year relationship. After Granda revealed his affair with his wife, the school later sued him.

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In 2012, Granda was employed by the wealthy Fontainebleau hotel when Becki allegedly made eye contact with him while sitting by the pool in a bikini before starting to flirt with him. Granda claimed he was astonished when she asked him if he wanted to return to her room with her after he got off work. Granda said he had no idea who she or her spouse was at the time.

Jerry Falwell Jr Wife

In retrospect, Granda stated, “I thought they had never done this before, but I think that’s exceedingly doubtful. According to Granda, Jerry was inside the room and was passed out on one of the two queen-sized mattresses. Falwell laughed and called out to the pool boy, “Hey Gian.”Granda reportedly said to Jerry that if he ever felt envious, to say something and he would stop — “But he told me, “Don’t worry about it. You guys are free to do whatever you want. One restriction applied to Becki and Jerry’s arrangement: no sex acts.

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Instead, according to the book, Granda and Becki engaged in oral sex while Jerry watched and, at one point, got a little too near. Jerry eventually stood up and moved to the edge of the bed to get a better view. I felt on the verge of panic, wondering, “What is he doing?” and I ordered him to stop, setting some boundaries rather than being aggressive. After hastily returning to the entrance and stopping in front of the restroom, he apologized. Granda claimed that following the encounter, he was certain it was a one-time thing—until the next day when he received a call from Becki asking if he wished to see her again.

After the End of the Affair

After Granda started dating seriously in 2014, Becki stated she ultimately made the decision to discontinue their sexual relationship out of “guilt.”Granda continued to be a part of their lives even after Becki’s sexual relationship with him ended because of his business connections with Falwell Jr., the couple alleged. However, when that economic partnership deteriorated, the Falwells started to worry. The couple asked Granda and his family to stay at their farm in late August 2018 after a lawsuit involving Becki, Falwell Jr., and Granda was concluded, expecting it would be a chance to say farewell, they said. Becki, however, asserted that Granda molested her on that trip.