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Jennifer Lopez Shades Her First Red Carpet Outfit: This Color Was Poo-Poo



Jennifer Lopez is thinking about her first time on the red carpet and what she wore.

The 53-year-old “On the Floor” singer let Vogue into her home in Los Angeles for a new episode of “73 Questions.” In the episode, she talked about her busy career, her family, and the secret to her style.

In the first round of questions, Lopez was asked about her childhood in New York City and her early career. The second one had an interesting story about the outfit she wore to the Hollywood premiere of Mi Vida Loca in 1994, which was her first ever. It was told on the red carpet.

“At my first premiere, I wore a rayon-polyester minidress in a sandy, poo-poo color with buttons,” she laughed, describing the outfit.

Jennifer Lopez poo-poo color with buttons

Scroll down for more red-carpet outfits of Jenner Lopez’s.

Jennifer Lopez’s red carpet

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