7 Essential Jennifer Lopez Movies of All the Time You Must Not Miss to Watch!!!


Aditi Deshinge

Jennifer Lopez is Beyond beauty without any doubt. About more than three decades Jennifer Lopez has developed herself as a talented actress in Hollywood. She is been a fly girl, she is a diva and she is a leading lady in the Hollywood without any ifs and buts. In this article we are going to discuss about The best 10 Jennifer Lopez Movies which are binge watched.

Jlo is a fashion icon whose red carpet choices necessitated the making of Google Images. Moreover she is a successful recording artist, an entrepreneur as well as producer.

The through line connecting the plenty of characters which are inhabited by Jlo in her career, onscreen as well as off screen. She has the incredible essence of her persona and her larger than life presence, undeniable star power along with dynamic charisma.

Jennifer has seen in numerous motion pictures as well as television programs. She is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood and also the highest paid latin descent actress who is making around $20 million annually.

Jennifer Lopez is the richest actress in the Hollywood and her estimated net worth is around $400 million as of 2022. She has made her debut in acting at the age of 16 with a small role in the 1986 movie named My Little Girl. From this she has never stopped until now.

Jlo’s one of my Favourite quote is “I have the stardom glow.” So does she owns it very well as we know her since more than 30 years now.

  1. My Family (1995) –

Well, Jennifer has appeared in movies before My Family like she has given a noteworthy role on the big screen. This is a bittersweet touching family drama which revolves around the challenges and triumphs generations of Mexican American family face after immigrating to Los Angeles.

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  1. Gigli ( 2003) –

This one is a rom com and one of two best movies left behind from the Bennifer era when Jlo dated actor Ben Afleck from 2002 to 2004. The story revolves around a Los Angeles mobster Lary Gigli who becomes attracted to the beautiful lesbian Ricki which is played by Jennifer Lopez.

jennifer lopez movies

She is hired to make sure he doesn’t mess up a hit job.

  1. The Boy Next Door –

The Boy Next Door is one Jlo’s most recent movies and it has all the makings of thrillers. She has portrayed the role of older, naive wife who began having an affair with the younger, attractive which is a guy next door.

Eventually, things start to go off the rails when Jennifer’s character, Claire Peterson decides to end things.

  1. The Wedding Planner –

This is a romantic comedy movie from 2001 and it truly most amazing movie of Jennifer Lopez till date. It earns great marks for the unrivalled chemistry between Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer.

Also, the irony of a woman helping other couples to plan their big day, only to spend her nights at home alone is not lost on us. This one is necessary to consider in the list of Jennifer Lopez Movies.

jennifer lopez movies

  1. Blood and Wine –

Anyone cant go wrong with actors Jack Nicholson and Michael Caine along with Jlo. But exceptions are always there when you box them these trio into a predictable yawn including movie. It was the same old betrayal and murder plot. So guys its important to consider this one in the list of Jennifer Lopez Movies .

  1. Anaconda –

Anaconda is an edge of you seat thriller that both Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cube shine in while avoiding being eaten alive by the massive snake. Jennifer and Voight teamed up again here in this 1997 guilty pleasure. So we have considered this thriller movie in the list of Jennifer Lopez Movies.

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  1. Main in Manhattan (2002) –

In this film, reimagined the story of Cinderella in the early 2000, in which a case of mistaken identity leads Jennifer’s character Marisa, a hotel maid to fall in love with a high profile politician which is played by Ralph Fiennes and he is staying at her place of employment.

Well some details of the movie are haven’t aged well. The movie’s hopeful narrative and Jennifer’s great performance makes it a staple of genre of romance.

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