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Jenelle Evans Net Worth: A Teen Mom With a Pile of Fortune and Assets!

Jenelle Evans is an American reality TV character who has a net worth of $30 thousand bucks. Janelle Evans was brought into the world on December 19 1991 in Oak Island, North Carolina and was cast in the second time of the MTV reality series, “16 and Pregnant”.

She lived with her mom and her mom’s boyfriend all through her pregnancy and in the wake of conceiving an offspring. She accordingly said a final farewell to her boyfriend after he ran into issue with the law and was captured.

In mid 2011, she joined the cast of “Youngster Mom 2“, which follows the existences of the cast individuals from the second time of “16 and Pregnant“, as they bring up their kids and go out into the labor force. She has gained notoriety for being a “party young lady”. During her experience on “Youngster Mom 2”, she and her new boyfriend were captured. Evans has been captured various times. Her crook record included captures for breaking and entering, drug ownership, and attack.

She is a famous carouser, consumer, and has taken off from home previously. In June 2012, she got bosom inserts. Presently, her mom has authority of her child Jace. Jenelle wedded Courtland Rogers in December 2012 and not long after she experienced an unsuccessful labor when she claimed Courtland attacked her.

She petitioned for legal separation. She entered recovery in March 2013. After recovery she started dating Nathan Griffith. The couple reported Jenelle was pregnant again in December 2013.

Jenelle Evans Net Worth

The Richest Teen Mom Star Might Surprise You

The women of “High schooler Mom” have come a long, long way. We initially met a significant number of them back in 2009, when “16 and Pregnant” was first delivered (per IMDb).

Soon thereafter, MTV presented “Adolescent Mom,” which followed the women of “16 and Pregnant” as they investigated parenthood and went through the promising and less promising times of their steadily evolving lives.

With north of 10 years on TV, it’s not difficult to expect to be just the “Adolescent Mom” stars have earned substantial sums of money from reality TV. Shuffling popularity with different obligations hasn’t demonstrated to be simple for the vast majority of these ladies.

Virtually every mother in the establishment has battled monetarily at some point, yet a considerable lot of them have gained from their errors. “They weren’t shown how to deal with their cash appropriately,” Farrah Abraham’s mother, Debra Danielsen, who has a MBA, told Heavy.

She noted, “When they set up organizations no one lets them know how to deal with their duties and stuff,” adding, “I think the difficult truth is they don’t have great direction according to a business viewpoint.”

The “Adolescent Mom” stars are getting all the more monetarily smart and making the most of the numerous amazing open doors accessible to them. Eventually, they’re seeking create financial momentum for their kids and deal with their more distant families, while attempting to sort out their own interests.

In any case, one “Youngster Mom” star has made the most.

Jenelle Evans Is a TV Character Who Featured on MTV’s Teen Mom 2

  • Despite the fact that she once grumbled about her compensation on the reality show, she has collected a huge net worth.
  • Evans’ net worth is accepted to associate with $2million as per WealthyPersons.
  • She was making about $300,000 each year on Teen Mom 2 preceding she was booted from the show in 2019, as per Cheat Sheet.

Jenelle Evans Net Worth

  • Evans said she was “shocked” she was terminated after her better half David Eason killed their family canine Nugget.
  • Jenelle showed up on the famous podcast This Family Tree facilitated by guardians Shane and Alexandra Cunningham.
  • “As far as I might be concerned, it was somewhat strange that they would allow me to go for [David killing the dog],” she said.
  • “It got me unsuspecting they recorded me on drugs. They shot me, no untruth, gesturing out on-camera. They shot me going to purchase weed and my chief realized I had it in my vehicle.

What Did Jenelle Evans Say Regarding Her Teen Mom Pay?

Evans griped about her compensation for the hit MTV series – conceding she accepts she ought to have been repaid equivalent to the Jersey Shore cast.

The reality star said she and her co-stars were not acquiring as much as individual MTV top picks like Snooki, The Situation, and Pauly D.

She added that when they requested a raise, the number could never ascend higher than 5% of their ongoing compensation.

Who Is the Most Extravagant Teen Mom?

  • The most generously compensated cast part is really a previous individual from the cast, Farrah Abraham.
  • MTV cut attaches with Farrah, 29, in 2017 because of her work in the porno business.
  • Nonetheless, her experience on Teen Mom OG was extremely effective, as she showed up in excess of 60 episodes and acquired $30,000 for every one.
  • As indicated by Cheat Sheet, Abraham’s ongoing net worth is around $5 million.

Jenelle Evans Net Worth


Where Is Jenelle Evans Net Worth?

Jenelle Evans is an American reality TV character who has a net worth of $30 thousand bucks. Janelle Evans was brought into the world on December 19 1991 in Oak Island, North Carolina and was cast in the second time of the MTV reality series, “16 and Pregnant”.

What Is Jenelle Evans Pay?

Jenelle Evans

Following quite a while of contention, Jenelle was terminated from MTV in 2019. Preceding that, CheatSheet revealed she was making a comparable compensation to her Teen Mom 2 costars at an incredible $300,000 per season.

What Amount Do the 16 and Pregnant Get Compensate?

16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom are intended to show the difficulties of being a young parent however they get compensated like $70K per episode... what difficulties? Catelynn Baltierra, who got going in 16 and Pregnant with now-spouse Tyler Baltierra, purportedly makes $500,000 per season on Teen Mom OG.

Jenelle Evans Net Worth


Starting from Oak Island, North Carolina, Jenelle Evans is an American reality TV character with an expected net worth of $30 thousand. She is known to show up on the second time of “16 and Pregnant.”

The show annals her life as her pregnancy advances while she was living with her boyfriend’s mom and her mom even in the wake of conceiving an offspring.

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