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Jay B Girlfriend: Know Everything About Jay B And His Girlfriend!

Let’s talk about Jay B and his girlfriend and where they stand in their relationship.

Everyone knows that Got7’s contract with JYP Entertainment ended on January 19, 2021, and that all seven members will leave the agency. Each member decides on his or her own career path. For example, Jackson Wang began his solo career with the American music label 88rising. Other members also started out as singers or even actors before they joined the group. Like Jay B, who has only been with H1GHR Music for a year. But Jay B is said to have dated a YouTuber before he left the agency. Who does he go out with now?

So, in this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Jay B’s girlfriend and his current relationship status. Let’s take a look!

Jay B And PURE.D Were Caught Going Out Together

When Jay B was still in GOT7, there were rarely rumors that he was seeing someone. On July 7, 2022, the internet was full of rumors that Jay B already had a girlfriend. According to the news, he has been dating in secret for a long time. His girlfriend, whose name is PURE.D, is a YouTuber. She and he both like to make art.

Kim Do Hyun is the real name of PURE.D. She is a makeup artist and has a YouTube channel called PURE.D which is all about beauty. PURE.D has also worked as the art director on many movies and TV shows.

An Agency Confirmed Jay B’s Relationship With PURE.D

In response to the rumours, Jay B’s management was careful to say that Jay B and PURE.D have been dating for more than 9 months. They said, “They were careful because they both had jobs and were known in public. They’ve been together for 9 months and have been getting along well.” Please keep giving them money.”

Jay B and PURE.D met and got to know each other through friends they both had in common. After that, Jay B and PURE.D fell in love with each other because they had a lot in common and had great taste in art.

jay b girlfriend

What Netizens Think About The Rumor About Jay B And PURE.D?

When their fans find out about the rumors and the truth, they are sure to be shocked and surprised. So, people have different reactions to this news. So, here are how fans and the general public reacted!

“Idol should be able to go out with whoever they want, whenever they want. Their personal lives have nothing to do with us. Personality in the public eye is not public property.” – fan’ tweet.

The Ex-girlfriend Of Jay B

Jay B never revealed his girlfriend while in K-pop. He claimed to have dated before joining JYP Entertainment. He took a bus to see his ex-house girlfriend in the morning. Jay B and Jiyeon, a former T-ARA member who was in Dream High 2, were also rumored to be dating. Both maintained they were simply pals.

That’s all we know about Jay B’s girlfriend and 2022. Congratulations to Jay B and PURE.D.

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PURE.D, dating JAY B, has over 490k YouTube subscribers.

Fans know PURE.D or Kim Do-Hyun met Jay B through a common friend and got along. Her birthday is 1992, making her 29. Jay B is two years younger.

jay b girlfriend

Interesting Facts About PURE.D The Girlfriend Of Jay B

She Makes Special Effects.

Kim Do-Hyun is a special effects artist, or SFX artist, who makes make-up effects that look very real. Her skills have helped her get great jobs with magazines and TV shows.

She turned herself into a Water Nymph for Pap Magazine and made a special wooden doll SFX for Zior Park. She has made several SFX looks for It and Guardians of the Galaxy characters. She has also made an All of Us is Dead zombie look.

Solarsido Fame

As part of a Halloween project, the YouTuber Solarsido was featured on MAMAMOO Solar’s YouTube channel. She taught Solar how to use special effects makeup to change into a scary clown.

Solar thanked Kim Do-Hyun on her channel for being professional and ready for the video in a thorough way. After the video was put on Solar’s channel, Kim quickly became very popular on Twitter. Over 260k people have watched the video so far.

jay b girlfriend

A channel On YouTube With More Than 490k Subscribers

Kim Do-hyun isn’t just on the YouTube channels of other artists; she also has her own, called PURE.D. She does cosplay make-up, SFX make-up, and different make-up tutorials on the channel.

She can change into people and characters from real life as well as creatures from the Korean drama Sweet Home. Aside from her TV-inspired special effects work, she also has a content series called “Cruel Fairy Tale Make-up,” in which she turns herself into scary versions of the main characters in fairy tales.

Even though most of what she writes is about horror and thrillers, she often gives beauty and fashion advice. As of this writing, there are 491k people who follow the channel.

She Is An Influencer In Beauty

She is a beauty expert who loves to try new things with make-up. On her YouTube channel, she has a lot of videos where she shows make-up and beauty tricks. She is also active on Instagram in addition to YouTube.

@pure.ddd is her Instagram handle, and more than 251k people follow her there. She posts videos and pictures of her work with SFX and gives her followers ideas for fashion and styling.

They seem to be very happy together, so they deserve congratulations. Aghases can take a deep breath of relief because the leader of GOT7 is dating someone so talented and wonderful.

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