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Jawahir Reveals The Real Reason She and Nick Broke Up: Did Nick Really Cheat On Jawahir?

Nick & Jawahir Parted Ways!

Nick Kici and Jawahir Khalifa parted ways after dating eaching other. Too Hot To Handle couple shared why they broke up. Jawahir Reveals The Real Reason She and Nick Broke Up. Here you are going to find out every latest update about them and their breakup. Let’s have a look on what we have found out for you. Let’s get started.

Too Hot To Handle Season 4 Winners: How It All Started

Nick had his eyes for Jawahir from the very beginning in the show. Jawahir was first chosen by Nigel Jones and then by Shawn Wells. All she preferred was honesty and communication. She ended up with Nick, they were being voted the Too Hot To Handle season 4 winners by their housemates.

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When Jawahir Khalifa and Nick Kici walked away from Too Hot To Handle season 4, they both were in love with each other and they won the prize money of $89,000. They parted ways after winning the prize money. Their relationship was quite public and hence they were loved by many fans. Now that their broke up, Jawahir finally reveals the real reason she and Nick broke up.

Too Hot to Handle season 4: Are Nick and Jawahir still together?

The answer to this question is NO. The former pair won in Too Hot to Handle season 4. In a post shared by the official Too Hot to Handle Instagram page in December, Jawahir said “I’m single but not quite ready to mingle”.

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The former couple moved in together after the show, however their relationship didn’t last longer. It was quite visible to get through their social media that they ended their relationship.

Nick & Jawahir Break up

Despite being loved by many fans, Nick and Jawahir broke up. when Netflix dropped a video on December 28, they confirmed their split. Jawahir and Nick traveled to Bali and then moved in together in London. Jawahir visited Nick’s family in Detroit over the summer. “We were together nonstop,” Nick said about their time in London. “I got my heart broken because I fell in love,”

“We’re unfortunately not together now […] but we’re still very close. That gate will always be open for him because he will always have a special place in my heart. In the year I spent with him, I got to know myself better while also falling in love with the world around me next to the boy I fell in love with”.

Jawahir Reveals The Real Reason She and Nick Broke Up

The Real Reason Behind Nick and Jawahir break up

Jawahir reveals the real reason she and Nick broke up. Jawahir visited The Wayne Ayers Podcast, where she revealed what made their relationship over. As per what Jawahir thinks is, both decided to break up on okay terms but she never cheated on Nick, on the other hand Jawahir claimed she has doubts of Nick cheating on her while they were together.

Now the question is why did Jawahir claim of cheating? She stated that Nick used to openly flirt with other girls, that too in front of her. Not only this but he deleted conversations on his phone.

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Jawahir then informed that they went to yoga, and Nick didn’t even bother to introduce Jawahir as his girlfriend. He was busy chatting with the other woman.

“I did suspect of him cheating in our relationship. He was deleting conversations off his phone, and we would go to a yoga place, and he would be like flirting with a girl at the yoga place.”

Who Are Nick And Jawahir?

Jawahir and Nick became one of the most wanted couples in season 4. They were both winners and won prize money too. Unfortunately, Jawahir and Nick are no longer together. After having relationship, the former couple not only broke up but also there are many secrets that have been revealed from not introducing Jawahir as girlfriend to cheating on her.

“Nick is focusing on his music career and was focusing on my modeling and trying to get into acting. Nick has to be in the US for his music, and I’m still traveling for what I want to do.” said Jawahir.

Jawahir Reveals The Real Reason She and Nick Broke Up

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Who ends up together Too Hot To Handle?

Emily and Cam fell madly in love in season 2, and they’re still together.

Are Jawahir and Nick together?

Sadly no, despite winning Too Hot to Handle season 4, Nick and Jawahir are no longer together.

What does Jawahir do for a living?

Jawahir is a professional model. She began modeling when at the age of 16 and previously competed on Holland’s Next Top Model season 12.

The Final Words

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