Jason Statham Quits from Man From Toronto

Man From Toronto

Patrick Hughes is the director of the movie Man from Toronto. He directed movies like The Hit Man’s Wife’s body, The Hit Man’s Bodyguard, The Expendables 3 and Red Hill. All of his movies are Action Comedy movies. This movie Man from Toronto is also an action-comedy movie.

The movie Man from Toronto is written by Robbie Fox, directed by Patrick Hughes, starring Kevin Hart and Jason Statham. Jason Statham starred in some of the blockbuster film series like The Expendables, Transporter, Truth in 24 are just to name a few.

Kevin Hart is known for his work in movies like Ride Along, Central Intelligence, Grudge Match, Secret life of pets and many more. In the movie Man from Toronto, Jason Statham will be playing the role of a deadly assassin and Kevin Hart plays the role of new york screw up.

Plot Of The Movie

At Airbnb, A deadly assassin and a New York Screw up are mistaken for their identities. This will lead to their meeting and events turn hilarious when their paths cross. Then due to the unexpected turn of events, they must team up to fight some crime. This is the main plot of the movie.

Jason Statham’s Sudden Exit

Jason Statham came out of the movie all of a sudden just before 6 weeks from the start of the filming. The reason for his exit is not yet clear. Jason wanted the movie to be more of an action movie rather than an action-comic one. Sony planned for a PG-13 movie and Jason thought it as an action-packed R-rated movie. Thus there are clashes of ideology.

We can say that due to creative disputes he had to walk out of the film. Soon after that, he parted ways with his agency, WME (William Morris Endeavor Entertainment Talent Agency). Reports suggest that the reason for his parting ways with his agency may be because the agency could not get him the role he wanted.

Now Sony is in search of a new actor so that they could bring back the movie on tracks. Sony planned to release the movie by November 2020. Film stars won’t usually part their ways from their agency’s. They so only when their agency is not offering them good roles or when the compensation is not good enough.

But we can soon see Jason on the screen as his movie Cash Truck. Cash Truck is in its post-production stage. The release date of the movie is not exactly known but we can expect it to be around the first quarter of 2021. Guy Ritchie is the director of the movie Cash truck.



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