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Jason Bateman Net Worth: When Will Ozark Be Released? Updated News!


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Making the switch from playing to directing and appearing in everything from comedies to crime dramas pays dividends for any Hollywood star, and Jason Bateman’s net worth is proof.

Another is his role in Netflix’s popular narcos drama Ozark. Over the course of the series’ four seasons, Marty Byrde has encountered numerous financial issues—a voyage that feels only feasible with an actor like Bateman at the wheel. Bateman, born in January 1969 in Rye, New York, spent years as a teen idol before assuming the frightening role of a cartel money launderer.

He appeared in shows including Simon, Chicago Songs, and Some of My Best Friends before starring in Arrested Development as the shy and restrained Michael Bluth. His role in the series earned him two Globes. Following his breakout appearance in the Netflix original series Ozark, the actor has captivated fans hundreds of times over the years, leaving many wondering how much he’s worth.

Continue reading to learn how much Jason Bateman made per episode of Ozark, and how much of that figure accounts for Jason Bateman’s entire net worth.

When Will Ozark Be Released?

Ozark 4 Jason Batemans Net Worth Marty Byrde’s Salary Rivals His

So, how much does Jason Bateman make on Ozark? From 2017 until 2022, Bateman played Marty Byrde, a financial expert who relocates his family to Missouri to launder money for a Mexican drug cartel.

“It’s working out better than I expected, and I had great hopes,” Bateman remarked in an interview with IndieWire. “You have no influence over how many people watch ‘Ozark,’ but it pushes us to keep going and make it better and more challenging,” he added at the time. “It’s incredibly rewarding, and it inspires me to go harder on the next project.”

Bateman, who also directs and executive produces Ozark, earned two Screen Actors Guild Awards for his role as Marty Bryde.

Obviously, huge pay follow, but how much did Jason Bateman make per episode of Ozark? Bateman made roughly $300,000 each episode on Ozark in 2017. At the time, his co-star Laura Linney made the same $300,000 each episode. Assuming their salaries stayed constant, this means Bateman earned $3 million on Ozark seasons 1, 2, and 3. Ozark season 4 would have paid Bateman at least $4.2 million for 14 episodes split between Part 1 and Part 2.

Following its Emmy nominations for Outstanding Drama Series in 2019 and 2020, it’s absolutely possible that Bateman has made even more thanks to the show’s expanding success.

Jason Bateman’s Arrested Development Salary

When Netflix bought Arrested Development in 2013, it paid its actors on a sliding scale. Several reports claim that Arrested performers were paid differently depending on whether they were in a “starring” episode or not.

So, how much did Jason Bateman earn on Arrested Development? Actors who starred in an episode received around $125,000, while those who featured in more than 90 seconds received $50,000. Actors who aired for less than 90 seconds earned $10,000 every episode. For the entirety of Arrested Development‘s run, Bateman earned a comfortable $125,000 per episode despite some legal issues and a pay raise for the Arrested cast.

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Bateman said OK to a reboot, but it doesn’t imply one is in the works. “At this time, no intentions to do more. Nothing substantive has come to light. “I know both parties want to do more,” he told The New York Times in 2015. “However, I have no control over that. But creatively, it was the best thing I’ve ever done, both for fun and for my career.” We’d have to agree based on Bateman’s net worth!

What Else Does Jason Bateman Do?

Bateman isn’t only an actor, director, or producer; he’s also supplied his voice to films like Disney’s Zootopia. The actor also owns 7,000 square feet of real estate and several fancy cars.

Jason Bateman Net Worth

Celebrity Net Worth estimates An Ateman’s net worth at $30 million in 2022. His main sources of income are his parts in shows like Netflix’s Ozark, where he reportedly made $300,000 per episode for seasons one and two. Jason Bateman’s net worth includes revenues from shows like Arrested Development and The Hogan Family.