Jason Alexander Britney Spears Wedding: Why Spears Ex Tried To Get Into Her Room!


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Britney Spears nearly encountered her ex when he endeavored to crash her wedding and got inside her home … so expresses one of her terminated safety officers.

Jason Alexander is in court Monday for a fundamental hearing, and witnesses are affirming about what went during the time Britney was getting married to Sam Asghari … also, a portion of the declaration is unnerving.

One of Britney’s safety officers – – who’s since been terminated over the episode – – told the adjudicator Alexander beelined it straight for Britney’s room subsequent to sneaking onto the property and getting inside the primary house. The gatekeeper affirmed, Alexander had a go at opening Britney’s room entryway while she was inside, however it was locked.

Furthermore, the gatekeeper said Alexander continued to rehash that he expected to converse with Britney and was searching for her, despite the fact that he was not on the list of attendees.

TMZ Broke the Story

Alexander, who police say was outfitted with a blade, live streamed himself getting onto Britney’s property and up to the second level of her home, requesting to see her on her wedding day. Police captured him before he had the option to connect with Britney.

jason alexander britney spears wedding

The safety officer, who got terminated by Britney soon after the occurrence, additionally affirmed Alexander had been spotted on the edges of the property on different occasions paving the way to the wedding … counting the other day, notwithstanding being told to remain away.

Alexander argued not blameworthy to the charges against him … counting crime following, in addition to defacing, and intruding battery.

Another observer, a criminal investigator with the Ventura District Sheriff, likewise affirmed Britney told her long-term specialist, Cade Hudson, that Alexander was “scary.”Britney got a 3-year limiting request against Alexander after the wedding disaster, and her lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, says he’s doing his best to ensure she’s safeguarded.

Alexander’s bail stays at $100,000 and his next trial is set for July 12.

The Pair Have History That Alexander Clearly Isn’t Ready To Abandon.

Lifelong companions Alexander and Spears were momentarily married in 2004. Momentarily, as a matter of fact, for under three entire days.

Police mediated to forestall Alexander making a greater scene however the 40-year-old conceded he needed to intrude on the wedding.

jason alexander britney spears wedding

“He has been confined cuffed and captured for his nauseating lawbreaker wrongdoing,” Spears‘ lawyer Mathew Rosengart wrote in a proclamation to USA TODAY.

“I anticipate working intimately with policing guarantee he is arraigned to the furthest reaches of the law, as he should be.

“Luckily, Britney Is Protected.”

Alexander guaranteed he was welcomed and he asserted that he needed to mediate because a wedding ought to include family and Britney’s was generally absent from the occasion.

“[Britney] is my most memorable spouse, my main wife. I’m her most memorable spouse. I’m here to crash the wedding, because no one’s here except for Sam, so where the (exclamation’s) the family?” Alexander can be heard saying in a video shared by TMZ.

Alexander was kept and later captured on four charges when officials at the scene were made mindful that a warrant for his capture already existed in another province.

Ventura Country Sheriff Division affirmed he had been accused of two counts of wrongdoing battery, one count of misdeed defacing and one count of misdeed intruding following the occurrence.

jason alexander britney spears wedding

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Jason Alexander was Spears’ cherished, lifelong companion before they got married for 55 hours in 2004, and turned into a frank ally of the #FreeBritney development. The Harmful vocalist’s ex was accused of four wrongdoings in the wake of crashing her wedding, however this isn’t the initial time he’s been in a tough situation with the law.

Britney Spears’ unexpected wedding to Sam Asghari on Thursday didn’t do as planned. The star’s extraordinary day gambled being destroyed when her most memorable spouse Jason Alexander got into a squabble with security.

Alexander was envisioned being wrestled to the ground on the grounds of the occasion in California only hours before Spears and Asghari were because of seal the deal. His ensuing capture by police was not the initial time he’s been in a difficult situation with the law. So who is Jason Alexander?

He’s Britney’s Cherished Companion

Jason Allen Alexander and Spears know one another from her old neighborhood of Kentwood, Louisiana. The pop star stunned the world in 2004 when she said “I do” to Alexander during a wild hurricane outing to Las Vegas. Be that as it may, the marriage, what began at the Little White Wedding Sanctuary, was brief.

At the point when the Harmful artist left Sin City and the energy wore off the marriage was immediately invalidated. As a matter of fact, it’s quite possibly of the most limited marriage in big name history – the pair were just man and spouse for 55 hours.

jason alexander britney spears wedding

In a court recording the music symbol expressed that she “needed comprehension of her activities” when they traded pre-marriage ceremony. That very year she proceeded to marry Kevin Federline, the dad of her children Sean Preston and Jayden James.

He Went to a #FreeBritney Rally

Alexander was seen at a dissent calling for Spears to be released from her long conservatorship in August 2020. “I’m here to show support for the #FreeBritney development and Britney. This is lamentable that has been a major part of her life for quite a while,” he let us know Week after week at that point.

“It’s impacted me and her, and that makes me a player in it. I’ve hushed up for quite some time, and I feel [like] what a great future time forward now with the development making commotion and the conservatorship hearings going on.”

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