Jamie Lee Curtis Net Worth: Acting Career, Husband, Kids And More



Jamie Lee Curtis is a famous American actress, producer, and author known for her marvelous performance in the Halloween horror series. After giving a stunning performance, she was popular among the people, which attracted many work opportunities for her. 

During her time, she was a well-known actress in the horror series. In 2018, the actress came out with another sequel to the series, Halloween. 

In this article, we’ll be going to share everything about the actress. If you are interested to learn about her life, net worth, and relationship then this article is for you. Continue reading the article to find out everything. 

Jamie Lee Curtis: Net worth

Jamie Lee Curtis is an American Actress has a net worth of $60 Million. This is the combined net worth of her and her husband Christopher Guest who is also an actor, writer, and producer, just like Jamie. 

The net worth of Jamie is generated after working for many years. She has appeared in many films and has worked for many brands.

Early Life

Born on  November 22nd of 1958 in Santa Monica, California, Jamie Lee Curtis was brought up by her father and mother who were both working as an artist. Her father Tony Curtis was a late actor and her mother Janet Leigh was also a late actress.

When Jamie was 4 years old, her parents got separated. She also has an older sister and she grew old with her. She did her schooling and later went to college for higher studies. 

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Jamie studied at the University of the Pacific and pursued Law but later she dropped out of college to pursue her career in acting. 


Jamie left her law degree to pursue her acting career. In 1978, she got her first break in Hollywood where she appeared in “Halloween”. The movie was released in the same year and became one of the most iconic because of its unusual theme. The release of the first film brought huge success in the life of the actress. 

When The film was released, Halloween became one of the massive hits for the people and one of the first films getting the highest grossing during the release. This was the beginning of her acting career. After debuting his first film in horror, she was named as “Scream queen”, an actress known for her horror roles. 

The producers sensed Halloween’s success and followed the sequel’s release. In the later year, Jamie kept herself in the role for the movies like, “The Fog,” “Prom Night,” and “Terror Train,” which were the sequel of the movie. As soon as the movie came to the screen, fans got excited to watch it in the theater. Most of the films get great reviews from the critics and do quite well at the box office.

However, the actress was already doing a lot of horror series so she decided to take a break. Well, for the fans, she was already a “Scream Queen” which kept her films bound to horror only. 

In 1983, Jamie continued to work on “Trading Places” which nominated her for BAFTA Awards which was later won by her. Trading Places was a comedy film and fans appreciated the actress in the movie. The award is proof that Jamie can work in other films besides sticking to one. 

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Later, she appeared in another film called “A Fish Called Wanda,” and also worked on an action thriller film called “Blue Steel.” It was a great experience for the actress to feature in different genres and as she moved forward with the film from different sections, the fans came to learn about her.

In 1994, she was nominated for a Golden Globe award and won it for the film “True Lies”. At the same time, she worked on different films like “My Girl,” “My Girl 2,” and “Freaky Friday.”

In 2004, Curtis was featured in the film “Christmas with the Kranks,” which is one of the popular hits for the industry and people still consider it one of the cult classics. The movie brings a lot of different prospects for her life and as soon as the movie hit the ground, the actress released a statement regarding her indefinite break from her acting career because she wants to focus some time with her family. 

But the break only lasted for 1 year and in 2007, she reappeared on the screen with another action-animated film called “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”. Later, her movie, “You Again” was released which co-starred  Kristen Bell and Sigourney Weaver.

She also worked as a voice-over artist for the films like “The Little Engine That Could” and “From Up on Poppy Hill” before Curtis joined the cast of films like “Veronica Mars” and “Spare Parts.”

In 2018, she again featured in the sequel of her first film “Halloween”. When the movie was released, it brought massive success, similar to what we have seen for the first time. As of now, the popularity has grown widely and the movie was proven to be a hit. The film earned over $255 million at the box office, making it one of the massive successes.

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Along with this, in the same year, the actress worked for other films such as “An Acceptable Loss” and “Knives Out,” the latter of which received widespread critical acclaim and raked in over $300 million at the box office.

Outside of her film roles, Curtis has appeared in series such as “Quincy, M.E.,” “Columbo,” “Charlie’s Angels,” “Anything But Love,” “The Drew Carey Show,” “NCIS,” “New Girl,” and the Fox comedy horror series “Scream Queens.” The latter performance earned Curtis a nomination for a Golden Globe.

In 2020, we came to learn that Jamie will be featured back in the sequel of the iconic horror film, Halloween which is getting prepared for release soon. 

The sequel, “Halloween Kills” and “Halloween Ends.” will be heading to the final countdown and we will be getting her back on it.


In 1984, Jamie Lee Curtis engaged and married Christopher Guest, a well-known screenwriter, composer, musician, actor, director, and comedian. Curtis and Guest adopted two children.


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The challenging part of parenting for me is to make sure that a person is an individual and not some sort of cookie-cutter version of me. At the same time, I want to make sure that I impart my sense of the world as an adult.

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