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Who Is James Khuri? What Kind of Companies Does He Own? Latest Updates!


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Monique Munoz, 32, was killed in an automobile accident last month.

“We’ve done a filing,” said Supervising Detective James Dickson of the LAPD’s West Traffic section to the Daily Mail. The filing was delivered to the Juvenile DA’s office in Los Angeles County. It’s in his office right now.”

In a press statement, the LAPD stated, “On February 23rd, 2021, he was booked for 192(C)(1) PC, Vehicular Manslaughter.”

The announcement of Monique’s detention follows a social media outpouring and petitions from her relatives.

According to a close family member, James Khuri’s son is currently in the hospital with a brain injury as a result of the event.

Due to his age, the authorities have not disclosed his identity as of yet. In an Instagram post, James Khuri, on the other hand, self-identified as a suspect in the case.

Where Does James Khuri Come From?

James Khuri is a well-known and ostensibly wealthy businessman from Los Angeles. He has almost one million Instagram followers under the account @JamesKhuri, and has a sizable social media following. He is currently the CEO of two companies: FJ Holdings, a trading card distributor, and Khuri Enterprises, a real estate firm.

What Kind of Companies Does He Own?

Khuri is the CEO of FJ Holdings, a major distributor of trading cards and related products like as Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh. FJ Holdings is Amazon’s major card distributor in over 136 countries, with Amazon assigning them a sole representative.

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FJ Holdings also collaborates with traditional retailers such as Walmart. While James Khuri’s company, Khuri Enterprises, focuses on commercial and multi-family residential real estate.

According to Forbes, by the time he was 27, he had made $100 million in sales and hoped to make $200 million by 2021.