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James Corden Cancels Late Late Show Episodes After Undergoing Eye Surgery


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James Corden is canceling a few episodes of his show. He will not be playing the host for a few episodes of his show Late Late show. This is a little disheartening for his fans. Since they won’t be able to see him perform for some time now.

But then this is done in the wake of his eye surgery. He’d take some time to get well from that before coming back on screen. So he’ll pull out of hosting some parts of this show. His show is essentially a chatshow.

It appears on CBS. But he’s taking a break out of it. So let us wait for his full recovery. And then we’ll be able to see James Corden back in action.

What Has Happened?

James Corden

On Wednesday the host shared this information on his twitter handle. He said that he has undergone an eye surgery on his eye recently. So he’s taking a break to recover from it fully. This means that he will be back soon.

But then well miss some episodes from the show. Until then you can see the previous episodes of the show and make peace.

Now the show is solely on the shoulders of James Corden because the pandemic has made it impossible to have guest stars. So without him, there is nothing to shoot.

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In cases where James Corden can’t comply, they have had guest hosts on the show. Many renowned people have taken his place for some time. But now this is not an option. The rise of coronavirus in the US is a secret to none. So asking someone to take his place is not happening.

James Corden

This means that the show makers would have to take a break for the recovery of the host. Until then you can suffice with other entertainment. James Corden will be back soon with his comedy to appease you.