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James Bond: Olga Kurylenko who tested positive for the virus says she has recovered


David Mudd

Coronavirus has not spared anybody. Everybody around the world, from big stars to ordinary people, are scared and quarantined due to it. Many celebrities got a positive result while testing this virus. Tom Hanks and his wife, Olga Kurylenko, and others were there in the list. 

Through various social media platforms. We can see celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Ryan Reynolds, Selena Gomez, Ronaldo staying in their houses in self-isolation. They are also requesting everyone to do the same. As per the stats, the virus has spread to most of the countries of the world and is a significant cause of concern now. 

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Olga Kurylenko

Olga Kurylenko has recovered now

We don’t know about others, but ‘Quantum of Solace’ actor ‘Olga Kurylenko’ recently said that she has completely recovered from the virus. Olga was in diagnosis from the past two weeks. 

Now she is negative for COVID-19 and can finally stay back in her home. She will have to be extra cautious for some days now as she has just recovered.

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Italy Facing The Worst:

In Italy, there are so many cases that the patients have to sleep on the floors and start their treatment. God knows what is happening there, but it is getting scarier every day. More than 1700 people died in one day recently, and that is threatening. More than 7000 people and counting passed away in the country, the rate at which people are dying is not slowing down.

Other Celebrities Are Recovering Too:

Many celebs fell prey to this virus. They have started recovering. The virus is not discriminating in terms of financial strength or status, the only thing by which it is discriminating is age and immunity. People below ten and above 65 need to stay extra careful as they are prone to this, and people who have weak resistance also need to remain alert. 

Olga Kurylenko

What’s more? People who have problems related to the lungs might also get into severe conditions if the virus attacks them. This virus needs to take a break, the world is already on its knees, economies are crashing, and people are dying. This is getting hard every passing day.