Jake Bongiovi Girlfriend: Millie Bobby Brown’s Life Partner Jake Bongiovi!


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Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi originally ignited sentiment tales in June 2021. The couple apparently announced their commitment to April 2023. Here is a timetable of their relationship!

June 3, 2021: Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi Take a Selfie Together!

Brown and Bongiovi previously ignited sentiment reports in June 2021 after the child of Jon Bon Jovi snapped a selfie with the Stranger Things entertainer on Instagram, subtitling the pic, “bff <3”

June 17, 2021: Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi Are Shot Clasping Hands in N.Y.C.!

Half a month after their vehicle selfie started relationship tales, Brown and Bongiovi were shot clasping hands while strolling around N.Y.C. Bongiovi was likewise spotted conveying the Enola Holmes star’s canine Winnie in a huge denim carry.

July 2021: Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi Share an End-of-the-Week Photograph!

In July 2021, the couple snapped a picture together partaking in a mid year night just as the sun set behind them, with Earthy colored nestling up to a grinning Bongiovi as they checked the camera out.

The photograph was posted on Brown’s Instagram Story, alongside a line of others – putting a kaleidoscopic sticker on the picture that read, “Cheerful Weekend.”

Bongiovi likewise caught the bright second, presenting a comparative snap on his Instagram Story with the sun sparkling between them that night.

jake bongiovi girlfriend

October 20, 2021: Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi Catch a Senseless Photograph of Themselves!

As an entertainer, Brown has showed up on both the of all shapes and sizes screen all through her career – and presently, she can add CCTV screen to the rundown.

Brown and Bongiovi halted to catch a senseless photograph of themselves from their appearance on the reconnaissance screen above them.

November 1, 2021: Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi Go Instagram Official!

It’s not official until it’s Instagram official! Brown posted a photograph on her Instagram offering a kiss to Bongiovi while riding the London Eye on Nov. 1, 2021.

She subtitled the post with an eye and Ferris wheel emoticon, a sign of approval for the notable vacation spot.

November 1, 2021: Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi Appreciate Hot Beverages in London!

Around the same time the couple became Instagram official, in commonplace London design, the two partook in a date over hot beverages while wearing in vogue looks.

It’s just regular that the child of Bon Jovi inscribed the photograph, “We’re beginning a band send name thoughts.”

February 18, 2022: Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi Commend Her Eighteenth Birthday Celebration!

To ring in her eighteenth birthday celebration, the entertainer selected Barbie flows (as confirmed by her brassy subtitle “Hello Ken!” on the photograph she posted with Jake) in a long platinum hairpiece and a one of a kind Annie’s Ibiza dress.

jake bongiovi girlfriend

May 7, 2022: Millie Bobby Earthy Colored Presents a Birthday Recognition on Jake Bongiovi!

Brown observed Bongiovi’s birthday with a sweet recognition on Instagram on May, 7, 2022, expressing, “cheerful birthday baby, can hardly stand by to travel to the moon and back with you! (Schroobie noobie).”

June 2022: Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi Go on a Climbing Date!

In June 2022, Bongiovi shared a photograph of him kissing Brown during a climb with the nervy subtitle, “Ain’t no mountain sufficiently high!”

Brown answered in the remarks, “can hold me back from getting to u darling !!!”

August 11, 2022: Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi Visit the ‘Stranger Things’ Involvement With N.Y.C.!

Brown and Bongiovi ventured out on Aug. 11, 2022, to visit the Stranger Things Involvement with N.Y.C., an intelligent show offering guests a novel narrating experience set in the realm of Netflix’s famous powerful series.

October 27, 2022: Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi Go to ‘Enola Holmes 2’ Debut!

The couple strolled honorary pathway together at the debut of Earthy colored’s film Enola Holmes 2 in N.Y.C.

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The Stranger Things star stunned in a pink strap outfit, while Bongiovi looked attractive in a dark tuxedo.

November 9, 2022: Millie Bobby Brown Uncovers How She Met Jake Bongiovi!

Brown drilled down into the start of her relationship with Bongiovi during an interview for WIRED. Holding a banner board, the Enola Holmes star uncovered an inquiry posing to how she met Bongiovi. “We met on Instagram,” she said. “Furthermore, we a little, and afterward, Nothing more needs to be said.”

jake bongiovi girlfriend

November 13, 2022: Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi Enliven for Christmas!

While Mariah Carey’s notorious tune “All I Need For Christmas Is You” played behind the scenes, Brown and Bongiovi finished her home for these special seasons. There’s no doubt about this because this is very evident from the fortune he has created so far!

In a period slip by video, posted on Instagram, the couple should have been visible managing Brown’s remarkably tall Christmas tree and dressing her canine in a comfortable sweater.

“all I need for christmas is uuuuuuuuuu,” the Enola Holmes star subtitled the video.

Carey, who has delegated herself the “Sovereign of Christmas,” remarked on the post.

“Living for this!!!! (However, it’s soooo early!!!) 😁❤️❤️❤️🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄,” she composed.

November 24, 2022: Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi Spend Thanksgiving in Tropical Region!

Brown and Bongiovi quit conventional Thanksgiving celebrations and booked a tropical get-away all things being equal.

The Stranger Things star shared a Reel on Instagram that included the couple absorbing the sun by the pool and taking selfies near the ocean.

“grateful for some ppl, things, and creatures,” Brown subtitled the post.

January 1, 2023: Millie Bobby Earthy Colored Refers to Jake Bongiovi Her As “Accomplice Forever”!

Brown considered 2022 in a post on Instagram.

“Unendingly in love with the year I’ve had! thankful for my companions, family, jackass (bernard), my puppies, my doggies teeth, and my accomplice forever,” she inscribed a carousel of pictures. “Here’s to one more year with you and the awesome individuals and creatures around us 🤍 how about we improve!”

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Bongiovi answered in the remarks: “Your year darling love you so much ❤️.” This statement can be regarded as the confession of Millie espcially with respect to whom she is dating?

February 21, 2023: Jake Bongiovi Observes Millie Bobby Brown’s Nineteenth Birthday Celebration!

On Feb. 19, the Stranger Things star turned 19 and Bongiovi made certain to send her birthday wishes. He praised the achievement by sharing a sweet recognition in her distinction on Instagram close by a few loved-up depictions.

“One more year around the sun together blissful nineteenth to the young lady of my fantasies,” Bongiovi wrote in the subtitle. “I love you beyond what words can depict. Everything about you is brilliant down profoundly ❤️.”

April 11, 2023: Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi Apparently Announce Their Commitment!

Brown and Bongiovi seem, by all accounts, to be locked in. On Instagram, the Enola Holmes star posted a photograph of herself wearing an enormous precious stone ring on her left hand as Bongiovi embraced her.

jake bongiovi girlfriend

“I’ve loved you three summers presently, honey, I need them all,” Brown subtitled the happy picture.

Who Is Jake Bongiovi?

Jake – conceived Jacob Hurley Bongiovi – is one of the four children of rocker Jon Bon Jovi and his significant other of 33 years, Dorothea.

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The youngster went to Poly Prep Country Day School in Brooklyn, New York, where he played football.


Millie Bobby Brown, the entertainer the public initially met when she was 12 years of age in the principal season of Stranger Things is currently 19 years of age (!) and has been dating boyfriend Jake Bongiovi for a really long time. The two were first connected in June of 2021, subsequent to being seen clasping hands in New York City.

They were both veiled at that point, and Bongiovi conveyed Earthy colored’s canine, a poodle named Winnie, in a handbag. Earthy colored ventures out effortlessly her tension while she voyages.

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