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Jailbirds New Orleans Season 2: Cancelled or Renewed?

Netflix had gained some groundbreaking success with their documentary series Jailbirds New Orleans. So now we expect the series will come up with season 2.

The story depicts the lives of a group of people in prison and how they become inmates. The first season of the series was aired in 2019 and received overwhelming responses from the viewers as well as critics.

The latest season of the Jailbirds franchise debuted on Netflix as Jailbirds New Orleans. Netflix created interest in the audience for an intimate look at prison life. The upcoming season will focus on female prison inmates.

It shows us a closer look at prison life. The series also focuses on complex work between female prisoners at Orleans Justice Centre. Now let’s get to know about Jailbird New Orleans Season 2.

The first season of Jailbirds New Orleans was aired on 24th September 2021. The show was aired on Netflix. This series contains only three episodes which are 40-41 minutes long. All the episodes were released on the same day on Netflix.

jailbirds new orleans season 2

After its release, the series gained some mixed reviews from critics and viewers. Some people find it surprising and bold.

The makers and producers did not confirm the second season of Jailbirds yet. Netflix also did not reveal anything about the second season of Jailbirds New Orleans. Also, it is too early to predict anything about the second season.

Despite this, there are high chances that In the upcoming season makers will concentrate on total new jailbirds in a new prison.

As of now, there is no official news regarding Jailbirds New Orleans season 2 so we need to wait and see whether the series gets renewed or cancelled.

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What Will Be the Cast and Character in Jailbirds New Orleans Season 2?

The first season of the series consists of real prisoners and Harley Himber and Megan Hall who are guards from Orleans Justice Centre. One of the inmate’s names in this series was Timanisha Taylor.

Many characters are featured in this series like Jamie Evans, Heather Thredick, and Julie Raffray. The series also consists of some prison officers such as Captain Steele, Deputy Hunter, Lieutenant Picard and Sergeant Stamps.

Along with Hall, Evan, Trick and Raffray we would like to see some correctional prison officials in the second season of Jailbirds New Orleans.


Prisoners who were briefly seen in the first season line Juicy, Crystal, Laura and Amber could appear in the second season as well. There is less possibility about Himber and Taylor as they both are released from prison which is shown in the first season.

We will also see some new faces in the new season of the show.

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What Will Be the Release Date of Jailbirds New Orleans Season 2?

Currently, the producers of the show have not declared anything about the season of Jailbirds. If the viewership of Jailbirds New Orleans exceeds the expectations then it might possible that Netflix will announce the next season of the show. But until then we just have to wait and watch.

We can assume that the production team will announce season 2 by the end of this year. We can assume the release date is sometimes in 2023.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will There Be Jailbirds New Orleans Season 2?

As of now, even after three years had passed for the first season, there is no announcement by the makers and Netflix so it might cancel. So we can assume that season 2 will not happen. But we will share all news regarding season 2 if we find anything.

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Where Did Jailbirds Filmed?

The Netflix reality show Jailbirds which was first aired in 2019 is filmed at Sacramento County Main Jail. At that time there is no presence of their attorney.


As there is no announcement of second season yet. we don’t have trailer of the second season. but you can watch the trailer of first season here to get an idea about this reality show.


As there is no official declaration of Jailbirds New Orleans season 2 by Netflix and makers we can assume that show might be cancelled. But we are here to share all the information regarding this show as soon as we get it. So stay connected with us.

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