Jaden Smith: What Was He Going Through After His Mother Jada Smith Revealed About Her Affair? Click To Know Everything…

Jaden smith
Source: BBC

Jaden Smith has witnessed many ups and downs in his parent’s relationship. But what was he going through when his mother revealed about her affair?

How Did Jaden Smith React To His Mother’s Affair?

Recently Jada Pinkett Smith shocked everyone with her shocking revelation about her affair with August Alsina. As she said that she was in ‘entanglement’ with Alsina while being married to Will Smith.

Jaden Smith
Source- Insta Chronicles

As for Jaden Smith, he has been trying not to react on anything. It is natural that after Jada’s revelation, the relationship between his parents is not going too well. Although they are trying hard to make it work.

But Jaden seems unaffected because he always has his own problem. Recently it was reported that his parents were not happy about his relationship with Tyler. And hence Jaden is having a bitter relationship with his father Will Smith.

Also there were speculations that his mental health is not too well. So amidst all these personal chaos Jaden is trying not to get affected with his mother’s shocking revelation.

Hence he was seen hanging out with his friends at the beach just after Jada Smith’s revelation. Therefore it seems like he is very much engrossed in his own life and is not letting anything affect him.

His New Album

Recently Jaden has premiered the music video for his new single ‘Cabin Fever.’ And it revolves around finding love amidst the current pandemic situation.

Jaden Smith
Source: BBC

In a word, ‘quarantine love’ is the main theme of the video. Apart from that it also highlights current social issues going on in the United States. Therefore mentions movements like ‘ Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Justice For Breonna Taylor.’

Hence it looks like Jaden is very much engrossed with his own life. And is really focused in his work.

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