What is the Real Truth Behind Jacob Sartorius Death? Is He Alive?


Aditi Deshinge

An amazing singer and internet personality Jacob Sartorius who rose to fame on social media when he posted a lip syncing videos on Musical.ly, at that time he rumoured to be dead. Especially it was rumoured on Twitter.

Plenty of messages of rest in peace have circulated with so many claiming that the 20 years old singer died far too younger. On 25th October 2022, the death news of Jacob gained a lot of attention.

The news seen out of nowhere and it spread from one use to another and everyone started tweeting about it. But lets debunk the rumours by finding what is the real truth behind this?

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Thankfully Jacob Sartorius is Alive and Well – What is the Reason Behind His Death Rumours?

The news of Jacob’s death was completely fake and they all are false claims. This young singer is alive and he is quite well too. Some people speculated that he died in a car accident but as we said all these are just internet rumours.

Moreover, Jacob debunked his death rumours by sarcastically tweeting and revealing something else. The rumours conversations were finally finished after his tweet and fans were relieved.

Jacob Sartorius tweeted that – “So dead I’m dropping a Halloween song tonight.”

Jacob Sartorius Death

Well, if you check Twitter or notice the term Jacob Sartorius Dead has gained a lot of attention. One user tweeted that “Jacob Sartorius is still alive. Idk where people are getting that he’s dead.”

Another user tweeted, “Jacob sartorius is good yall he posted an insta story.”

Who is Jacob Sartorius?

Jacob is a famous singer and he had a successful music career before his death rumours as well. In 2016, he launched his new single Sweatshirt which charted on the Hot 100 in the United States and in Canada.

Jacob was named the ninth most searched musical artist of 2016 by Google. Guys, you will be pleasantly surprised by knowing his followers which is across 23.8 millions on TikTok.

Before the closure of Vine’s in 2017, Jacob’s lip-syncing videos on the platform had more than 8 million followers as of August 2016.

He believed social media provided him a getaway from bullying, noting, “Before Musical.ly, I wasn’t the most outgoing. The app helped me goof off. It’s like no one is watching beside the camera.”

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What Does Jacob Talked About Getting Bullied?

Sartorius also disclosed that –  “I tried 3 different schools last school year and still got verbally attacked, pushed, and teased for things as small as my ears.”

In another interview, Jacob said, “Well, a lot of the bullying came from doing this type of stuff, like the stuff outside of school that was more creative and less sports-oriented. I think around seventh grade was when it got really bad, enough to leave school. There were kids threatening my life on the daily.”

Further added that – “There’s a lot of hate and it caused me to maybe at times be a version of myself that I’m not even really. Sometimes it makes you have to try to be yourself even more than you are. Well, I got to show them who I am.

But I think taking a step back and taking a deep breath and knowing that I’ll just keep expressing, keep doing me at my own pace. There’s no need to change anything I’m doing for anyone.

What is the Relationship Status of Jacob Sartorius?

Jacob Sartorius Death

Well, Jacob Sartorius was in a relationship with Millie Bobby Brown in 2018.

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What is the Early Life of Jacob Sartorius?

Rolf Jacob Sartorius was born on 2nd October, 2002. He  is an American singer and internet personality who rose to fame via social media after posting lip-syncing videos on Musical.ly. In 2016, he released his debut single “Sweatshirt“, which charted on the Hot 100 in the United States and in Canada.

Jacob was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Shortly after his birth, he was adopted and moved to Virginia because his birth parents were unable to take care of him. He was raised in Reston, Virginia by his adoptive parents.  At age seven, he started acting in musicals, where he discovered his love for performing and music.

Tours of Jacob Sartorius –

  • All My Friends Tour (2016)
  • The Last Text World Tour (2017)
  • The Left Me Hangin’ Tour (2017)
  • Night & Day Tour (opening act for The Vamps) (2018)