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Jackie Brown, Plot, Cast, and Everything Else You Know

We have all the information about Jackie Brown. You either love Quentin Tarantino or despise him as a filmmaker. Not everybody enjoys his films since they are long, extremely violent, unapologetic, and utterly childish. But because he loves movies so much and has a unique, powerful style, he has a huge following of devoted followers. Fans of Tarantino and cinema nerds in general can’t seem to agree on anything other than Jackie Brown. Although the 1997 sequel to Pulp Fiction was a box office failure, it has gradually gained popularity since then. Which one is it then? Good or bad? Cult classic or hipster pick?

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Rum Punch, a book by Elmore Leonard, served as the inspiration for Jackie Brown. It centers on a middle-aged flight attendant (Pam Grier) who is busted bringing drugs and cash into the country. However, the police are not looking into her. She will be let to leave if she cooperates and provides them with the name of her boss, Ordell (Samuel L. Jackson). Jackie Brown abides by no one, despite what they may not know. Not the law, and certainly not a psychotic arms dealer who likes killing unreliable individuals in the face. Jackie could always find a solution.

Plot and Cast of Jackie Brown

Samuel L. Jackson plays Ordell Robbie, a highly slick and deadly guns dealer who operates out of a Hermosa Beach apartment he lives with blonde Melanie, a surfer chick who is perpetually stoned (Bridget Fonda). Ordell discusses the different assault weapons he can deliver while wanting to hang out with his longtime boyfriend Louis Gara (Robert De Niro), who has just been released from jail after trying to serve four years for bank robbery. He also declares that he plans to leave the illegal gun company after putting away another $500k in Mexico.

jackie brown

But before doing so, Ordell must cope with Beaumont (Chris Tucker), a fast-talking scammer who has broken his probation and whose practically every sentence incorporates the n-word. In a scene that exemplifies Tarantino’s preference for fusing absurd comedy with shocking brutality, Ordell persuades his hysterical friend to sneak into his car trunk in an attempt to ambush an enemy before nonchalantly shooting him in a deliberately prolonged long shot when they reach a block of land.

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When stewardess Jackie Brown (Grier) gets caught at LAX while smuggling $50,000 into the nation for Ordell, ATF agent Ray Nicolette (Michael Keaton) and cop Mark Dargus (Michael Bowen) arrest her. The shrewd-looking woman in her mid-40s believes she’ll get off lightly if she assists the police catch Ordell, who stops paying Jackie out but is prevented in his effort to do to her what he did to Beaumont. She faces a prison term and a minimal career outlook upon her release.

Review of Jackie Brown

Jackie Brown is more than good enough to be recommended even though the movie lacks Pulp Fiction’s comedy timing, serious moments, and ideal musical aspects. Despite being somewhat lengthy, it moves along steadily and includes a wide range of characters, many of whom have significant defects in one way or another. In this film, Tarantino, who is a genius at tying together apparently irrelevant individuals while simultaneously giving them wacky backstories, does the same.

Jackie Brown

It’s mostly amusing, a little bit thrilling, and a little bit hilarious. Jackie Brown will appeal to you if you enjoyed Tarantino’s prior films. Additionally, Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs are a sure bet if you enjoyed Jackie Brown.

More About Jackie Brown

With numerous of his books having been made into movies and TV shows over the years (Get Shorty, Justified), Elmore Leonard, who sadly died in 2013, will always be remembered as one of the best writers of the late 20th and early 21st century. You would think that Quentin Tarantino‘s transformation of Rum Punch into Jackie Brown should have been relatively straightforward given the abundance of fully developed personalities, interesting scenarios, and overall excellent writing, but that was not the reality.

The core plot of Elmore Leonard’s Rum Punch and Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown is similar, but the director made a number of significant alterations to the narrative. Most notably, the title of the picture was changed from Jackie Burke, a white stewardess, to Jackie Brown, a black woman.

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According to Pam Grier, who had previously auditioned for a role in Pulp Fiction, when Tarantino sent her a copy of the screenplay, she misread the message that was included and believed he wanted her to audition for the smaller character of Melanie Ralston (Bridget Fonda). She didn’t learn Tarantino sought her for the lead role in Jackie Brown until Grier called him a few weeks later.

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