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Jackass Forever: Top Stunts of the Movie That Made the Franchise More Interesting to Watch!

Jackass Forever, which debuted on February 4, 2022, follows the tradition of the franchise’s earlier movies by continuing to discover new as well as absurd methods to torture its cast for laughs.

The film is unquestionably entertaining even though it contains some really risky and frightening acts that might be challenging to watch at moments.

Throughout Jackass Forever, the renowned Jackass core of Preston Lacy, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Dave England, Wee Man, as well as Danger Ehren each make their final turns.

Jasper Dolphin, Sean “Poopies” McInerney, Rachel Wolfson, Zach “Zackass” Holmes, as well as Eric Manaka are all initially announced to Jackass’ distinctive style of self-induced suffering in the fourth Jackass movie.

Featuring big-budget stunts which took 12 years to complete, Jackass Forever is indeed a performance unlike anything else and serves as a thoroughly delightful conclusion to that same Jackass movie franchise.

With its frequently bizarre and invariably laughing franchise, the Jackass cast continues to demonstrate to fans why they made such a massive effect upon 2000s pop culture. Jackass Forever doesn’t skimp on the antics, and some of the episodes will have fans shuddering in their chairs.

1. The Lie Detector Test

Jackass Forever

Danger Ehren is forced into The Lie Detector Test, possibly the wildest stunt throughout his career, in a move that no one in the crowd expected coming.

The Jackass test is not that simple to gather, so he is tied into a chair with the expectation that he will do a straightforward lie detector exam using the standard Jackass cliché of getting stunned.

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Ehren was left alone within the room after being doused with honey as well as raw salmon, and even a black bear is put in with him. The bear methodically picks at a shrieking Ehren while looking for a nice meal. The stunt is indeed the apex of Jackass anarchy; it is simultaneously outrageously wild and gut-busting funny.

2. The Cup Test

Jackass Forever

The approach Jackass Forever tries to complete the Jackass franchise for its devoted followers is among its best aspects. The Cup Test, a spin on the initial stunt Johnny Knoxville popularised in MTV’s Jackass season 1, serves as an example of this strategy.

But this moment, Danger Ehren finds himself in the firing line as some of the most terrifying ideas in contemporary sports are thrown in his direction.

Francis Ngannou, the strongest puncher ever recorded, breaks Ehren’s cup, and then fast-pitch specialist Danielle O’Toole fires pitch upon pitch towards Ehren’s legs and groin.

Then hockey player P. K. Subban enters the scene and shoots a puck into the same cup after Dave England climbs on Ehren’s groin and uses a pogo board to split his testicular sack. The Cup Test epitomizes the finest of the brand in many ways, including its level of risk, shock value, and humor.

3. The Magic Trick

Jackass Forever

The only stunt throughout Jackass Forever that surpasses The Cup Test, is Johnny Knoxville’s The Magic Trick delivers copious amounts of both agony and nostalgia.

Inside a slightly different version to Jackass Number Two’s Toro Totter, Knoxville puts a glass of milk in some kind of a magician’s hat before a ferocious bull rushes him from behind.

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The outcome is far more startling this time because Knoxville demonstrates his advancing years when the bull flips him into the air. Uncomfortably, despite the Jackass leader having revealed that Knoxville had suffered a brain hemorrhage at the assault of the bull, Knoxville remains seated.

Since Knoxville does have the courage to return to a bullring 16 years following the initial devastation of the Toro Totter, Jackass Forever’s magic trick serves to both remind viewers of the mortality of its main actors as well as stands as arguably the greatest stunt inside the film.

4. The Vomitron

Jackass Forever

Perhaps one of the Jackass’ most intricate stunts starts with a straightforward idea. Once they enter a little roundabout, a select few members of the group must all consume quite so much milk they can, which is tinted to match their attire.

The roundabout would then begin to spin, and the actors will need to control their urge to throw up. However, it quickly descends into absolute anarchy.

Cast members tied further into the roundabout are being shot at by a platoon of people with paintball guns, but they have nowhere to run. Additionally, Wee Man maneuvers a tiny tank while explosions start to appear in the backdrop. It is an uproar of noise, conflict, and fantastic comedy.

5. The Quiet Game

Jackass Forever

Rachel Wolfson, Poopies, as well as Steve-O are compelled to do a stunt while disguised as mimes during one of Jackass Forever’s best group stunts. As Knoxville sets a Texas rat snake out for Poopies to kiss, Wolfson is told to “lick the electric lollipop” as well as stick her mouth on a taser.

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While Jackass mainstay Steve-O performs the Skateboard Guillotine, wherein Knoxville lowers a skateboard over his knee, Rachel and Poopies miraculously complete their jobs properly in quiet.

While Wolfson’s exposed tongue bouncing on the voltage of the taser whilst she maintains a serious face continues to be one of Jackass Forever’s highlight, unscripted moments, the element of surprise of Steve-O losing the two additional Jackass recruits is indeed an unexpectedly rewarding wrinkle in the sequence.

Trailer of Jackass Forever!

Let’s get to know more about these stunts from this trailer.


What is the IMBD rating of Jackass Forever?

The IMBD rating of Jackass Forever is 6.9/10.

What is the estimated runtime of the documentary film?

The estimated runtime of the documentary film is 1 hour and 36 minutes.

Who is the Director of the film?

Jeff Tremaine is the Director of the film.


The fans will appreciate the iconic antics that Jackass Forever offers from the whole franchise. While these seasoned performers brought many new skills to the table, certain fan favorites underwent interesting revisions and expansions.

Certain stunts offer big-time spoofs that give some of the greatest movies ever made a Jackass spin, while others displayed some very horrible injuries. The movie Jackass Forever was the ideal send-off for Hollywood’s craziest jackasses because it featured some of the craziest stunts of all time.

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