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IWD: Remembering The Top Speeches By Women That Never Cease To Inspire


David Mudd

International Women’s Day 2020 is celebrating women and womanhood around the world. And as the celebrations go on, we remember some of the greatest speeches, messages, quotes and contributions by women who continue to inspire us.

Here are some powerful women who are changing the world in a small way.

Esra Alhamal Going Around The World

Esra Alhamal is a traveller and blogger from Saudi Arabia. She travels extensively all around the world wearing her hijab with pride. In her efforts to shed a positive light on Islam, Alhamal says “it can be exhausting sometimes. You need to be extra nice to send a nicer message.”

However, Esra does not let her religious identity get in the way of her dream of seeing the world. The same society that views her with suspicion is also the world she is trying to change.

Michelle Kennedy Connecting Women Through Bumble And Peanut

The founder of the top social media app, Bumble, Kennedy also came up with Peanut. Peanut is an app that lets mothers connect with other single mothers. Through the app, mothers can form bonds and friendships that will see them through their single motherhood and the loneliness that sometimes comes with it.

Kennedy’s own experience of being a single mother and her struggle with the loneliness is the inspiration behind Peanut. Hats off to all the single mothers out there.

Naomi Wolf Changing Perspectives

Naomi Wolf is a progressive feminist author who has written several books. She is a best-selling author who talks about beauty, feminism and the importance of giving women free speech.

She is also widely known to be one of the leaders of the ‘third-wave of the feminist movement’.

Gina Miller Speaking Up

Perhaps one of the most important women who finds herself amidst the UK Brexit battle is Gina Miller. She got into a legal fight with the courts about triggering Article 50, arguing that there should be another vote attached to the Article. Miller received a lot of abuse during the case and has emerged out more robust than ever.

She serves as an inspiration for women and others to speak up when they feel that their country is failing to respect its laws.

Cindy Gallop Taking The Leap

Talk about confidence, Cindy Gallop is a badass who speaks about normalising sex talks and making sex more gender-equal. She is a pioneer for friendly adult erotic videos that highlight gender equality rather than the hardcore porn that people usually consume.

She rose to fame through her TED-Talk back in 2009, wherein she openly discusses her decisions about engaging in sex and how women can enjoy it as much as men do.