Medical Examiner Have Found the Real Cause of Death for Ivana Trump!



The injuries that Ivana Trump experienced as a result of a fall contributed to her death, as stated by the New York City Office of the Chief Medical Examiner on Friday. Ivana Trump was the ex-wife of former President Donald Trump.

Ivana Trump passed away at her residence in New York City, according to the announcement made by her ex husband, who served as president. It was the year 73.

Ivana Trump was Donald Trump’s first wife after he married several times. Together, they are the parents of three children: Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump.

The Trump family released a statement in which they referred to Ivana Trump as “an outstanding woman.” They described her as “a force in business,” “a world-class athlete,” “a brilliant beauty,” and “a devoted mother and friend.”

What Family Has To Say?

“Ivana Trump lived through the ordeal. She was trying to escape communism when she came to this nation. She instilled in her children the values of compassion and tenacity, as well as fortitude and determination “what the family had to say. Her mother, her three children, and her ten grandchildren will mourn her tremendously after she passes away.

“It’s been a really terrible day,” Eric Trump told reporters as he exited the building where his mother lived on Thursday afternoon. His mother had passed away earlier in the day.

ivana trump death cause

According to the FDNY, at approximately 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, paramedics in Manhattan responded to a call about a person having a cardiac attack. Inside the Upper East Side apartment where Ivana Trump lived, they discovered a woman who was 73 years old. According to the NYPD, she was pronounced deceased at the scene of the incident.

What Police Has To Say?

According to sources within the police department, Ivana Trump was discovered lifeless and unconscious at the foot of a flight of stairs located within her residence. According to the sources, the police are conducting an investigation to determine whether or not she took a fall and, if so, whether or not the fall played a role in her passing in any way.

According to the findings released by the medical examiner on Friday, the cause of her death was determined to be blunt impact injuries to the body that she had incurred as a result of a fall. According to the findings of the medical examiner, the cause of death was an accident, and there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death.

ivana trump death cause

Ivana was recalled by her former president as a “lovely, beautiful, and outstanding woman who led a great and inspirational life” in a statement that was published on his website platform Truth Social.

He said that she had great delight in her three children, Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric. “Her pride and joy were her children.” “She held such a high regard for them, just as we all did for her,” we could say.

Ivanka Trump has fond memories of her mother and has described her as “intelligent, charming, passionate, and wickedly witty.”

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Ivanka Trump shared a photo from her childhood with her mother on Twitter along with the caption, “She lived life to the fullest — never forgoing an opportunity to laugh and dance,” while referencing her mother’s passing. “I will never get over the fact that she is gone, and my family and I will always keep her memory alive in our hearts.”

Where She Spent Her Childhood?

Ivana Trump was born Ivana Marie Zelnková, and she spent her childhood in the old Czechoslovakia, which was then ruled by the communist party. She departed in the 1970s and married Donald Trump in 1977 after she moved to the United States.

She held a prominent management position within Trump’s corporate empire for a number of years. She was given the position of chief executive officer of one of Trump’s hotel casinos in Atlantic City, Trump’s Castle, and she also assisted in the design of the interiors of the Grand Hyatt Hotel and Trump Tower. She has also written a number of novels that have been very successful, and she has designed her own clothing line.

ivana trump death cause

“I made it a point to sit down with my kids for breakfast every single day, regardless of how hectic my schedule was. Ivana Trump said in her memoir, “Raising Trump,” that she “sat with them it supper every night and helped them with their schoolwork (I adored algebra) before heading out in a Versace gown to a rubber-chicken charity event.“” “The kids and I commiserated, travelled, and rejoiced together throughout this time. Our commitment to one another was and still is our most prized property.”

Ivana Trump And Donald Trump Divorce

In 1992, Ivana and Trump finalised their divorce. The affair that the former president was having with Marla Maples, who would later become his second wife, led to the dissolution of their marriage.

ivana trump death cause

Ivana Trump stated that she had forgiven her ex-husband, Donald Trump, in an interview that she gave to Amy Robach of ABC News in 2017. In addition to this, she discussed the formative years spent by her children when she was married to Donald Trump.

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She said, “He was a loving father, don’t get me wrong, and he was a good provider, but he was not the father who would take a stroll and go to Central Park or go play baseball with them or something.” “He was not the father who would take a stroll and go to Central Park or go play baseball with them or something.”

She went on to say that “he could communicate with them when they were approximately 18 years old, since he could start to discuss business with them.”