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It’s Official, The Snyder Cut Is Releasing

Well, this is definitely a surprise but not completely unexpected either! For years, Zack Snyder has been sharing tidbits and glimpses at his version of the film on Vero. There have been conflicting reports in the past as to whether the Snyder Cut would ever be released or if it even exists. While I firmly believed that the cut exists, I also knew that it must need a lot of CGI work and editing to be in a releasable state. As it stands, Warner Bros. is ready to spend that money and release the Snyder Cut on HBO Max.

It will be released in 2021, although there is debate over as to how it will be released; whether it will be the nearly four-hour version of the film or if it’ll be divided into six episodic chapters. In any case, campaigners of the Snyder Cut have managed to achieve their goals.

Zack Snyder Will #ReleaseTheSnyderCut of 'Justice League' on HBO ...

So, Snyder Cut Finally?

Following a Man of Steel watch party online hosted by Snyder, the director announced that the Cut will indeed be releasing. Snyder famously stepped down from the film to cope with his daughter Autumn’s tragic suicide.

Joss Whedon was then brought on, and a majority of the film was reshot. The result was a Frankenstein of a movie with glaring tonal problems. Whedon’s trademark snarky style just didn’t fit with Snyder’s sombre take on the characters.

But that’s all set to change soon as Snyder’s version of the film releases. His original vision of the film included a Justice League duology which would conclude the arc that began in Man of Steel. Lois Lane would end up dying in the Batcave pushing Superman into darkness as he begins to serve Darkseid. Well, that does sound, um, cruel and unusual.

As it were, the Snyder Cut debuts on HBO Max in 2021.

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