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Italy Medical Workers: We Became Heroes, But They Have Already Forgotten Us


David Mudd

Coronavirus Cases In Italy

Italy is the worst affected coronavirus country in Europe. Furthermore, no one expected the situation to become so bad in the country. According to Reuters, there are 230,158 coronavirus cases in the country.

Moreover, 32,877 people have died in the country. 141,981 people have recovered. Italy was the first European country to report a massive number of coronavirus cases. Moreover, the healthcare system was working beyond its capacity to deal with the virus.

Many coronavirus patients could not be treated due to a lack of beds in hospitals. Furthermore, all the hospitals across the country were full and the death toll was rising in hundreds every day.

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Medical Casualties In Italy

According to the World Health Organisation, 163 doctors and 43 nurses have died in Italy. Four of them took their own lives. They all served their time along with other medical staff treating the coronavirus patients.

However, they were the unlucky ones. These doctors and nurses contracted the virus and unfortunately died in their line of duty. It is an irreparable loss. But they are the real heroes who gave their lives while saving others.

Things are easing in Italy. The virus graph has a stability graph is falling. But the damage has been done. Many doctors say there will be no normal days for them ever.

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The Post Trauma

Doctors across Italy are impacted by the virus in the worst possible way. Many doctors did not have the time to think anything while treating the patients. But now as the things ease up, they think back on how horrific the initial days have been.

Many doctors have slipped into depression. Moreover, some can not sleep. Meeting their loved ones seems difficult for them. They still want to practice social distancing from them. Furthermore, some have quit their jobs so that they can introspect themselves.

Nurses say that yesterday we were heroes, but today we are forgotten. The mental trauma caused by the coronavirus will last forever in the lives of these doctors and nurses across Italy.