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Italy And Coronavirus: How Lockdown Helped Clearing Up Of Venice Canals

Many countries and their governments are ordering their people to stay isolated. All the non-essential travels are stopped in many countries. People are staying in their homes to self-isolate them. Currently, Italy is the most affected place by the pandemic coronavirus. Besides, there is the most number of deaths reported because of the corona.

New reports from people show that the canals in Venice are in the clearest state. The lockdown made many changes all over the world. Beyond everything, this is different. Waterways are important transportation mode in Venice. The continuous use of water transport always kept the canals muddy. After over 60 years, it achieved a clear state.

Italy And Coronavirus

Does The Nature Hit The Reset Button? (Italy And Coronavirus)

In the current situation, there is no much need for transportation needed in Venice. Besides, people are restricted to travel unnecessarily anywhere. You can hardly find any tourists across the streets too. After all, this causes the canal to remain with less traffic in it.

The canal is now literally abandoned. Calm nature allowed the sediment to settle down underwater. That's why the water became clear. Water is still not in its better condition. But, is less churned up. People think that nature hit its reset button on us.  Besides, many pictures are shared by people show different and unseen versions of Venice in a long time.

Italy And Coronavirus

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New scenes from Venice include many creatures from nature. Dolphins have been spotted in Cagliari's port, in Sardinia. This includes Dolphins in the canal, swans in fountains and Boars in the middle of the streets. Besides, people noted that air pollution got reduced. Everyone thinks that nature is reclaiming its real form.

However, the actual quality of the water is not much better because of the years of use. After all, uncountable chemicals are being dumped in the water by boats and human beings. Let's hope for the best.

Italy And Coronavirus

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