It Came from the Desert: A Detailed Guide that You Shouldn’t Miss-


David Mudd

Action! Adventure! Scary!

Does all of the above excite you with a little touch of comedy?? If you have a positive response then it is worth mentioning that you are on the right platform.

Moreover, we would rather suggest you – read this article till the end. We are damn sure you will not regret it. Because the article will be disclosing a movie to you that has all the categories that interest you…yes! All the genres that are stated above. And the exciting movie is “It came from the Desert”.

Here, we will unfold its cast members, its storyline, rating, producers, filming location and trailer, and many more. To know all this, stay tuned….

It came from the Desert:

Well, the movie “It Came from the Desert” is a Finnish-British science fiction movie that is grounded on a 1989 action-adventure game by Cinemaware game. The game was initially launched for the Amiga home computer that was inclined by Them! But later on, it was ported to MS-DOS, and along with it was also launched for different consoles.

Wondering who jotted down the script and directed this movie? Marko Makilaakso directed this movie and also helped Hank Woon Jr. in writing the screenplay. Furthermore, it is also in the news that actor Trent Haaga, too helped the writer in making the script and studio by AMP International, Roger! Picture, Oy Bufo Ab.

The mixed-genre movie featured motocross heroes and heroines, confidential military bases, kegger parties in the desert, and of course the frightening giant ants. You can also relate it with the poster’s- have a look at it-

It Came from the Desert: Premiere Date:

The giant ant movie was released on 15 September 2017 (Fantasy Filmfest) and it is a short movie with a runtime of 1 hour 30 minutes. In just 90 minutes you can finish watching this movie. So, to get information about watching platforms, keep reading.

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Where the movie was filmed?

Before, sharing videography location- we have a desire to know your opinion about this – Do filming locations have an impact on the movie’s overall performance? What do you think? Drop your thoughts in the comment section. We are eagerly waiting for your reply……

Coming back to the point, the shoot of the movie taken place at-

Almeria, Spain

Turku, Finland

Both of the locations are worth visiting and if you want to explore the places from the comfort of your home then you must go for this movie.

Moving further with the ratings of the film.

It Came from the Desert: Rating

Checking the rating of the movie is one of the best ways to understand the movie’s real scenario. Isn’t it?

From the Rotten Tomates– the movies attain 60%/100%.

From the IMDb– it receives 4.3/10.

We have also shared the screenshot, have a glance at it:

Reveal your thinking about the movie in the note section after knowing the rating.

Star Cast- Who acted in It Came from the Desert:

We are aware you are seeking this section to check whether your favorite cast members are performing in the movie or not. Don’t worry- Here, is a complete list of leading characters who accomplish different roles in this movie.

Leading cast members are:

Mark Arnold performed as Dr. Renard

Vanessa Grasse as Lisa

Harry Lister Smith in the role of Brain

Alex Mills acted as Lukas

Callum McGowan in the role of Tim

Andrew Horton played Craig

Jose Varela in the role of Jorge

Gregory Rowbottom as Brad

Claudia Trujillo

James Alper

Aino Sirje

Ross Elli

Mark Arnold

Done with thoroughly examine the list…… So, this is high time that you can share your dearest character with us. Simply drop the name in the comment section.

The storyline of It Came from the Desert:

Giants ants! Military Bases! Kegger Parties! Along with this, the captivating visuals and the characters hooked some of the audience. You will be meeting a gloomy scientist who chooses to indulge himself in gene splicing and the result is full of entertainment.

It Came from Desert

Apart from it, the show also displays craziness and lunacy by featuring drunken teens delighting themselves by saying “fortune favors the brave”. Moreover, Lukas (protagonist of the show) win a big motocross, so to celebrate this movement, he called his friends Brains and others to the New Mexico desert for a party.

Like many teens, he also tries to showcase so, he called beautiful Lisa and all they were happy in the life and party and there were so busy in their life that they don’t notice missing posters displayed around the town. If we disclose the whole, then how you will enjoy it when you will be watching it.

Do share what happens next in the story, once you watched it.

Where to watch this scary movie- It Came from the Desert:

After coming across the storyline, the next question arousing in your mind will be Where to stream it? Right…

There are numerous platforms on which you can stream it. But here, we are mentioning some of the major ones:

You can binge it on- Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Vudu.

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Ending Note:

We are sure that you get to know everything about the movie. A complete detailed guide has been prepared by us for you so you can get detailed insight into the movie. Furthermore, you don’t have to visit different articles in search of minute details.

Still, you want to know anything else, freely contact us by commenting below. We will come back to you as soon as possible.