All You Need To Know Island Boys And Their Net Worth!



TikTok is known for its ability to launch the careers of its users, and in 2018, two of the platform’s rising stars went on to become viral sensations among its most popular producers.

In 2021, identical twin brothers Franky and Alex Venegas, who performed under the stage name the Island Boys, shot to fame very immediately.

The identical twins were able to quickly climb the TikTok ranks thanks to their quirky aesthetic and over-the-top personas, both of which are a natural fit for the internet.

How Did They Both Come Up

On the video-sharing app, Franky, who is known professionally as Kodiyakredd, has 3.4 million followers, and Alex, who is known professionally as Flyysoulja, has 6.1 million followers. Both brothers are doing extremely well on the app.

The Venegas brothers are doing quite well for themselves online when they work together. The criticism has continued to pour in despite this, with individuals taking aim at everything from their inflated personas to their music; nevertheless, it does not appear that the negative has slowed them down very much.

island boys net worth

In point of fact, the number of Island Boys is only increasing. The twins have been working very hard to establish Island Boy as a real brand over the past few months, and during that time they have recruited several new “Island Boys” for their group. In addition, they have had several new tattoos.

Who Are The Venegas Brothers

Both of the Venegas brothers’ TikTok accounts have accumulated a significant number of videos over the course of the past few years, which has allowed them to work their way up through the platform’s ranks.

Their first single, “I’m an Island Boy,” which they released in 2021, was the moment that brought them their greatest amount of notoriety, though.

The brothers rap in the song about their “Island Boy” lifestyle while being surrounded by scantily clad ladies and luxurious cars. The song is a replica of the famous TikTok video that propelled them into the public.

The rapid ascent of the twins, both of whom are now 20 years old, was met with a great deal of opposition, particularly when it came time for them to have their first performance in front of a live audience.

They were met with a chilly response during a performance at Club Liv in Florida, the state in which they were born and raised; yet, the rap duo was not deterred very much by the hostile environment.

They have continued to publish content, the majority of which can be found on TikTok, where, despite the existence of numerous hostile comments, their presence appears to be expanding.

The lads are of Cuban descent, which is something that they proudly embrace through their music and the public personas that they present to the world.

Where Are These Twins Successful

The twins have been successful in landing a number of significant gigs in the months since their viral surge to notoriety; nevertheless, many of these gigs remain consistent with their internet beginnings.

They walked off of Logan Paul’s “Impaulsive” podcast in the latter half of 2021 and have only lately made their way onto Cameo, where they demand $160 for “personal usage” and more than $600 for “business.”

island boys net worth

It would appear that the brothers have benefited from making the move to Cameo. They have already been booked multiple times, and one of those times they were even asked to assist a man in quitting his job.

Despite this, they continue to dominate on TikTok. Their unique appearances — with the exception of the hair, which they recently cut off — is a significant component of their brand, and it has begun to spread among others in their circle in the most recent few months.

How Are They Living Their Life

The guys are making good progress in spite of a difficult beginning as well as various obstacles encountered along the route. They were raised by a single mother in West Palm Beach, Florida, following the loss of their father when the boys were six years old.

Due to the fact that their mother was raised by herself, she receives regular shout-outs in the twins’ content. According to the Things, the boys’ teenage years were replete with legal concerns, as they had several run-ins with the law and, at several times in time, served time in juvenile institutions.

This was all due to the fact that their legal troubles began when they were young.

island boys net worth

In spite of the legal problems and differing opinions regarding their abilities, the Island Boys have amassed an amazing financial worth.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Island Brothers

According to Techie and Gamers, the combined value of the two items is an estimated half a million dollars. Their TikTok presence is the primary driver of their collected net worth because it is how they secure business partnerships and generate income through advertising.

How Much Social Media Influence They Have

Their YouTube channel, which has 166,000 subscribers, and their Instagram sites, which have a combined total of more than 2 million followers, are also helpful in this regard.

Their careers are just getting started, presuming that the Venegas brothers are able to maintain some level of control over their renown.

Their tendency to stir up controversy has helped to keep them in the public eye over the course of the past year.

They have been involved in a number of high-profile beefs, including those with Logan Paul and TikToker Bryce Hall, which have helped to keep their wild hair, tatted faces, and very shiny teeth in the news.