Is Zac Efron Dating or Single in 2022?


David Mudd

Remember the cool, romantic guy from the High School Musical? We’re willing to bet that everyone feels the same way about it. Zac Efron is one and only, and he will always be remembered this way. Every adolescent girl has a secret desire to be Zac Efron’s girlfriend between 2006 and 2008.

So what’s the harm in experimenting? During his time on television and then in Hollywood, he was the most gorgeous man on the planet.

Zac Efron Dating

Besides his green eyes, sharp nose, and jaw, girls also admired his portrayal as lover-boy Troy in the High School Musical film adaptation. Fans of Zac Efron are likely to admit to having had a romantic interest in him at some point in their lives.

These attractive ladies have been attracted to him despite their appearance. The fact that none of them were successful did not diminish the reality that their experiences were rich and varied.

Examine Zac Efron’s dating history and present relationship to get a better understanding of him. A number of people are concerned about Zac’s sexual orientation and believe he is gay. It should be noted that this is just hearsay.

Zac Efron Girlfriends


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He had his first girlfriend, Vannessa Hudgens, who happened to be Zac Efron’s co-star in the movie High School Musical. Zac and Vannessa were involved in a five-year relationship from 2005 to 2010, after meeting on the set of High School Musical and fell in love.

The first major and long-term girlfriend of Zac’s life, Vannessa was the perfect match.

At all times, Troy and Gabriella were the centre of attention, and their fans were surprised when they announced their separation in 2010.

Fortunately, social media was not as prevalent at the time, otherwise they would have become tired of the continual stream of comments!

2012 marked the beginning of Zac’s relationship with Lily Collins, a British-American actress who he had previously dated for two years. The pair kept their relationship a well guarded secret and avoided talking about it.

However, they ended up breaking up a year later.


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Zac appeared to be in a serious relationship with model Sami Miro once more in 2014, according to reports. These two didn’t hide their bond, and they didn’t hide from the rest of the world either.

Both of them appeared to be completely smitten with one another.


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The pair, on the other hand, divorced in 2016. Zac deleted all of their images together and unfollowed her on Instagram, despite the fact that this was not an official confirmation of their relationship at the time.

The actresses involved in this story have been identified as Zac and a number of others. Those rumours, on the other hand, turned out to be unfounded.

Halston Sage, who was also linked to music star Charlie Puth, was Zac’s next significant other from 2018 to January 2020. A committed relationship existed between the two of them.

As evidenced by Zac’s Instagram account, they also went on a family vacation. Following the separation, all of the photos were taken from the system.

His Girlfriend in 2022

Despite the fact that Vanessa Valladares may have been Zac Efron’s girlfriend in 2022, the two were no longer together as of April 2021. A lovely Australian beauty has taken his heart instead, and Zac began dating her in June 2020.

Zac Efron Dating

The pair met in Australia last summer and have been dating for 10 months. They are expecting their first child.

Everyone assumed they would be unable to maintain a long-distance relationship because Zac lived in Canada and Vanessa lived in Australia, despite the fact that the reason for their separation was unclear.

The duo appeared to be extremely promising as they shared some love photographs on Instagram with their followers. When Zac returned to Australia, the couple discussed the possibility of acquiring a house.

Unfortunately, they did not have good fortune on their side. Zac has been single since January 2022 and is not in a relationship with anyone at this time.

This actor will meet someone with whom he can spend the rest of his life, and we have no doubts about it! Likewise, as fans, we’re just waiting for Zac to make his major announcement.