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Is Trump Losing His Supporters?


David Mudd

Republican criticism of Trump grows – but will it make a difference at the polls?

The Situation

Trump, the 2016 Republican nominee spent the entire Sunday inside the White house, tweeting.

From the outside, Mitt Romney, the 2012  Republican nominee, wore a face mask and joined marchers supporting Black Lives Matter.

It was pretty much a faceoff between the new Republican party and the old.

And it came on the same day that Colin Powell, former secretary of state under George W Bush, announced something staggering.

He said that he would be voting for the Democrat Joe Biden in November.


Some critics of the president do believe that his responses to things have left him exposed.

Both the coronavirus insanity and the entire situation surrounding the killing of George Floyd.

A lot of Republican senators privately agree with Romney and Powell, according to Rick Wilson.

Rick Wilson is the creative director of the Lincoln Project, a political platform formed by Republicans opposed to Trump’s reelection.

Source- NBC News

What Next

Since winning the White House, Trump has exercised a grip on the Republican party.

Many former political foes, such as Senators Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham have become ardent backers.

Graham reportedly told Fox News that to lay the blame at President Trump’s feet for the division in this nation is a pretty short-sighted view of it. *shrugs*

But a growing chorus of Republicans and leaders from the military background have criticized Trump’s insensitive and aggressive response to the protests.

This included a threat to deploy American soldiers on the streets.

This shows an unbound history of social and racial injustice.