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Is Trevor Noah Gay? Check Out Trevor Noah’s Dating Life and Rumors of His Sexuality!


Arvinda Dixit

Is Trevor Noah G*y: Comedians are the one who entertains millions of people around the world and brings joy and laughter to them. They are considered the kings and queens of entertainment and this skill of theirs helps them to connect with their audiences through their witty humor.

They have successfully proved their mettle in the entertainment industry and earned a loyal fan following with their skills. Now, they have excelled in different skills also that make them stand out in a group and this includes hosting, writing, commentating, and producing.

In this article, we will delve into the life of such a multitalented personality and comedian Trevor Noah. And we will also fact-check the rumors regarding his s*xuality. So let’s start it.

Early Life of Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah was born on 20th February 1984 in Johannesburg, South Africa to parents Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah and Robert Noah. His Xhosa-descended mother hails from South Africa, while his Swiss-German paternal grandfather immigrated there from Switzerland. He did his schooling at Maryvale College, a Catholic school in Maryvale Gauteng, Johannesburg.

Trevor Noah’s Family History

Noah belongs to an interracial family and he highlighted the consequences his family had to face in his autobiography.

Under the apartheid legislation at the time of Trevor’s birth, his mother was categorized as black, his father white, and Trevor colored.

Under apartheid rule at that time, his parent’s interracial connection was unlawful and illegal; consequently, The comedian’s mother was incarcerated and fined by the South African government for this offense. But a year after his birth interracial marriages were decriminalized.

The Career of Trevor Noah

The celebrity is a skilled comedian, producer, writer, political analyst, actor, and television host.

Trevor Noah began his career in 2002. He has been featured in the following films; You Laugh, But It’s True (2011), Taka Takata (2011), Mad Buddies (2012), and Black Panther (2018).

Noah has also been featured in various TV series and episodes like Isidingo (2002), The Amazing Date (2008), Trevor Noah: The Daywalker (2009), Tonight with Trevor Noah (2010 – 2011), Trevor Noah: Crazy Normal (2011), Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia (2018), Klepper (2019) and many more.

Trevor Noah has received several awards during his career, his latest award include the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Talk Show Episode, People’s Choice Award in The Nighttime Talk Show of 2018, Dorian Award in TV Current Affairs Show of the Year, Producers Guild of America Award in Outstanding Producer of Live Entertainment & Talk Television, NAACP Image Awards in Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series and most recently an MTV Movie & TV Awards in Best Host.

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Is Trevor Noah G*y?

Trevor Noah is not gay for sure and has never been in a same-s*x relationship. His ex-girlfriends can confirm this. The fact that he has not been able to maintain a long-term relationship with any of his girlfriends is perhaps the motivation behind the idea that he is cheating on his partners.

Because of the recent surge in the number of celebrities who are g*y, another reason that someone could assume they are g*y is because of this surge.

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Is Trevor Noah Dating Someone?

The host Trevor Noah has always tried to keep his relationship status behind closed doors. Even he didn’t say a word about his s*xuality. According to our sources, the actor the former television host is single for the time mentioned. But even if he will be dating someone it will be quite difficult to know about that.

Let’s wait to get any news about him till then Why don’t we have a look at his past relationships?

Dating History of Trevor Noah

Past Relationships of Trevor Noah: Noah who hosts a late-night talk show, has never been married and does not have any children. But he had some relationships in his past that clarify the rumor that he is straight.

Trevor Noah and Jordyn Taylor

Jordyn Taylor, who now does not have a significant other and is a model, songwriter, and real estate agent by trade, was his ex-girlfriend.

2005 was the year that marked the couple’s initial encounter. After that, they began going out on dates and taking pleasure in one other’s company. The city served as the location for much of the couple’s time together while they were dating. But sadly for their developing romance, the two charming lovebirds were forced to end their wonderful relationship in the summer of 2018, despite the fact that it was so beautiful.

While it was during a question-and-answer session on Instagram Stories that the pair made the official announcement of their split, the primary reason for the couple’s decision to no longer be together has not been made public. However, Jordyn Taylor, Trevor Noah’s ex-girlfriend, has stated that despite the fact that the two of them are no longer together, she still loves him very much.

Trevor Noah’s Relationship with Dani Gabriel

Before Trevor started dating Jordyn, he was in a relationship with Dani Gabriel, a physiotherapist who works in South Africa. When Trevor was still residing in his home country of South Africa, the two of them first crossed paths. The length of their partnership was five years.

Dani Gabriel was a huge fan of Trevor Noah and often accompanied him on the road during his various tours. The comedian’s stiffness was a factor that contributed to the relationship’s decline. Despite this, Dani continues to be a strong advocate for Trevor.

Pop Star Dua Lipa Kissing Trevor Noah

The most stormy relationship rumor that is not confirmed by Trevor is with the millionaire singer and songwriter Dua Lipa. He was once seen kissing pop star Dua Lipa in late September 2022 as stated by The Daily Mail. They even reported that the duo was seen having dinner together in New York City and thereafter went for a walk where they were seen kissing and hugging. But the pair later declared that they are just friends and there is nothing like a relationship between them.

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To put it in a few words, it is confirmed that the actor or the former TV host is straight and for sure not gay. Currently, he is not married and isn’t dating anyone but had many relationships in the past with different models. Last year, Trevor was noticed giving a lip-locking kiss to the model Dua Lipa while coming out after having dinner together.

Earlier it is known that he had relationships with Dani Gabriel, Jordyn Taylor, and Minka Kelly too. At present, he is single according to our sources, and isn’t dating anyone. We will update the article if we come to hear anything new in this regard.

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