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Is Tiger Woods Gay: Says He Had Gay Sex, As Well!

Tiger Woods ‘Appreciated Gay Sex Cavorts’!

It’s been no less than two days since we monitored Tiger Woods, so what’s the most recent? We should see … asserted mistress Loredana Jolie Ferriolo says he’s all regarding the gay sex. Indeed, that is another one!

The previous Playboy model from Sicily says that she has seen Woods having gay experiences during bunch sex, RadarOnline says. She needed to sell the tale about “his solid craving for organized sex, trios, young ladies nearby, young lady young lady, and a solution to every one of the reports encompassing Woods’ sexuality” for $1 million, the site says.

“She is in converses with various publishing organizations in regards to a detailed story book bargain,” her rep affirms. Is that everything necessary to sell a book nowadays? Wild charges and unmerited bits of gossip?

Jane Krakowski To Get Hitched

Jenna Maroney is at last realizing her fantasy and getting married, as 30 Stone actor Jane Krakowski gets connected with to clothing tycoon Robert Godley, Access Hollywood reports. Ok, great. We’ve been trusting Krakowski would settle down since she played the silly secretary on Partner McBeal.

is Tiger Woods gay

Artie Lange Wounds Himself Multiple Times

Entertainer and Howard Harsh companion Artie Lange has been hospitalized subsequent to wounding himself multiple times in a clear self destruction endeavor, the New York Post reports.

Lange’s mom had dropped by his New Jersey home Saturday where she found him dying, the paper announced. A policing said 42-year-old comic had six “delay wounds” and three profound dives.

Tiger Woods on Lesbians, Gays and Individuals of Color!

One of Tiger Woods’ supposed mistresses has approached guaranteeing she saw the golf player having sexual experiences with different men.

Loredana Jolie Ferriolo is looking for a seven-figure book bargain in which she promises to give unstable insights concerning Woods’ hankering for men, tattle site RadarOnline reports.

A rep for the Italian model purportedly told the site the book would cover Woods’ “solid hunger for organized sex, trios, young ladies nearby [and] young lady young lady”.

Loredana has not given proof to help her cases.

The previous Playboy model, who professes to be one the golf player’s “top choices”, was uncovered as a mistress last month.

is Tiger Woods gay

Her rep said she was conversing with “various publishing organizations” to get a book bargain.

This is whenever gay sex first tales have been connected to Woods, albeit last month reports asserted he had a suggestive dream including mistress Rachel Uchitel and two different men.

Vanity Fair Has Released a Sensation Issue!

It highlights Tiger Woods on the cover and targeted. Wearing a dark skull cap and two or three free weights, the image of Woods summons pictures of Allen Iverson, not the terrific top dog family man we believed Woods to be two months prior. What’s more, the article inside the issue purportedly goes much further.

The Vanity Fair article, composed by Pulitzer Prize champ Buzz Bissinger, claims Woods made a “progression of base jokes” about sex and competitors during an unreleased 1997 GQ interview.

Woods, who was 21 at that point, supposedly said during the copied interview that lesbians are “quicker” at sex than gay men because ladies “are continuously going 69”.

He additionally allegedly said he “can’t sort out is the reason such countless gorgeous ladies stay nearby baseball and ball”.

“Is it because, you know, individuals generally say that, like, people of color have large dicks?” he said.

It’s turning out to be difficult to accept a portion of the goodies emerging about Woods. Is it conceivable that he was only a pimp-daddy horn canine with an indecent behavior from the start? Furthermore, provided that this is true, for what reason didn’t this essayist publish these statements quite a while back? It appears to be a littly fishy to me.

is Tiger Woods gay

Tiger Woods’ Gay Sex? Loredana Jolie’s Succulent Case

Loredana Jolie, one of Tiger Woods’ supposed mistresses, is setting up a book that promises to even out various huge cases about the incredibly popular golf player. Jolie will say that she saw Woods have sexual experiences with men, as indicated by She says she will depict Tiger’s “sound hunger for organized sex, trios, young ladies nearby [and] young lady young lady.”

Jolie’s rep, Teisha Dynell, tells the New York Post that the blondie will spill insights regarding Woods’ craving “for trios and young lady on-young lady sex parties.”

Jolie was exposed as one of Tiger’s supposed darlings in December. The playboy model was supposedly “one of his top choices.”

While no other person has yet accused Tiger of having sexual relationships with different men, he purportedly contemplated one more of his mistresses, Rachel Uchitel (Photographs), having intercourse with two men on the double.

He supposedly messaged Uchitel communicating his dream of her having a trio (he used more brilliant language) with Derek Jeter and Bones star David Boreanaz.

is Tiger Woods gay

Tiger Woods’ Lesbian and Gay Dreams: Mistress Uncovers

Tiger Woods’ supposed mistress Loredana Jolie has uncovered that the golf player had intercourse with her “from 9 p.m. until the sun came up the following morning.”

She accepts that recovery may not fix the golf player from dependence on sex.

“He would take part in sex from 9 p.m. until the sun came up the following morning. Be that as it may, he was certainly not a solid person. He was unable to rest and would remain up throughout the evening. I’m not really certain recovery for compulsive fixation on sex will help him,” the New York Post cited her as saying.

She added: “Tiger’s sexual dreams were not ordinary. He likes pretending, he likes to be the person in charge and wearing a suit while there are young ladies performing young lady on-young lady and folks engaging folks. I mean they would move for one another like young ladies would accomplish for a man.

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